Yamikani Fodya’s age fuels Malawi – Zambia banter


Just hours before departing for Morocco, the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) uploaded pictures of Flames players with their ages but little did they know that the move would sparkle a massive debate between Malawian and Zambians on a feared age cheating issue.

The FA stated that Nyasa Big Bullets left back Yamikani Fodya is 27-years old and this aroused a massive debate from the Zambians on Mwebantu, a Facebook page which attracted more than thousands of comments slamming Fodya for age cheating.

Mwebantu’s post.

“Meanwhile, 27 year old Malawian football player,” posted Mwebantu with Fodya’s picture and details on the post.

A lot of Zambians mocked Fodya claiming he was only but hiding his original age with others saying if he was 27, then they are still in their mothers’ wombs.

One comment read; “If he’s 27, I am still a zygote,” read the comment.

“I am 27 if you want, check my DP and compare. If this dude is 27 then I am still an embryo I swear,” read another comment.

One of the interesting comments came from Sothini Shaba who said African players have their own way of calculating their ages.

“They don’t use our calendar which has 365 days to complete a year, it takes 1000 days to make one year for our African players,” he laughed off.

The debate attracted comments from Malawians who came to defend their fellow countryman.

“And Zambians have on four occasions been disqualified from International Junior competitions for age cheating,” said Arkangel Angel Woyera Tembo in his comment.

“He is young. I know him personally. He is 27 and anyone can have a white hair,” Raymond Chikoko defended his fellow countryman.

This is a second banter between the two neighboring countries who have been on each other’s neck on the social media on a series of trending issues.

Months ago, Zambia Daily, another Facebook page, mocked Malawi’s Lilongwe mayor for being a poor dresser.






  1. This dude can’t be 27yrs old, even the face says it all. Come on flames

  2. It’s non of their business keep on going they are not your relatives too…Fodya you are special and unique to what you are doing great to the nation.leave the empty buckets to make noise they are like a broken radio station . You’re LEKKER ..

  3. Mmmm let’s be realistic , munthuyu ndi wamkulu older than that kkkkkkkk

  4. Those who know the Fodya’s can believe this guy, all of them even the small ones have gray hair, he is not lying of his age at all i know alot of his family members personally.

  5. Lol! Malawians have a tendance of hiding age, this Yamikani we are talking about must older than 27

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