Chilima confident of 2019 win

CChilima endorsed the demos

Vice President Saulos Chilima says he is positive his United Transformation (UTM) will win next year’s Tripartite Elections.

Chilima made the remarks during UTM caucus in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Saulos- Chilima
Chilima sees himself winning.

Chilima who is the leader of the political grouping said UTM is confident of winning the 2019 presidential polls but he urged UTM members to work hard at all levels to accomplish this.

He admitted that the political journey ahead will be tough and he therefore challenged party members to be united and vigilant in campaigning.

According to the vice president, the political grouping will launch its national headquarters soon in Lilongwe.

Chilima dumped the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) months ago and formed his United Transformation Movement (UTM).

Since the formation of the movement, UTM has roped in various political giants such as Speaker Richard Msowoya and legislator Lucius Banda.

The movement has so far been launched in almost all regions of the country.



  1. Its too early to determine the win.
    A newly formed party to beat existing giants ,DPP, MCP could just be a mere day noon dream

  2. Not this term man…let your boss to finish his time… Then u wll win.maybe next of next election.

  3. Abwana musadzinamize zotenga boma. The best you could have done after ditching dpp was to join forces with mcp. But because malawi political leaders are greedy you can not do this. Therefore the competition will be between mcp and dip.

  4. Uyu Chilima ndiwabodza kwabasi. Kuwina? Malota kapena chiyani?

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    moto buuuu

  6. machine opangila machine opangilanso machine opanga machine anzake,,,

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  7. Ndizotheka kuwina koma choti mudziwe kuwina mpira ndikumaka.

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