Muslim cleric apologises over anti-Chilima remarks

CChilima endorsed the demos

A Muslims cleric has apologised over his remarks that Malawi Muslims should not vote for a catholic in the 2019 polls.

The cleric Shaibu Ajassi who is the Chairman of Islamic Commission for Justice and Freedom (ICJF) was apparently referring to Vice President Saulos Chilima, a devout Catholic and one of the frontrunners to win the 2019 polls.

Shaibu made the remarks during a meeting with Muslim leaders on 6th September, 2018 at Mbela village in Balaka district.

Saulos- Chilima
Chilima at the helm of the verbal war.

Ajassi has since apologised saying he has realised that the remarks were wrong because Malawi is a multi-denominational country.

In his remarks in Balaka last week, Shaibu urged all Muslims in Malawi to take a front role in running the affairs of the country at all levels.

“If there is number one enemy amongst the Muslims, not for physical fight, it’s Catholicism. I’m not beating about the bush here. Anybody can quote me. Catholics do not want to see Islam thrive in Malawi,” said Shaibu.

Shaibu added that for the first time in the history of Islam in Malawi, his organization will release a statement directing all Muslims in the country on who to vote for in next year’s general elections.

Islam teaches us that it is important to direct people in the right way. We will tell you who to vote for,” he added.



  1. he is right as a man of God…even quran say..we need to tel pple wat is right or not…so dat wen they must knw wat is gud or not

  2. Muslims ws. Saying that couse in 2008 akweni she said on. MBC. All Muslim mast go to Sudan Malawi Mangochi ts. Nt our country couse we. Like fighting to day she’s going to loanch UTM. In Mangochi ndie stinaiwaretu

  3. Is he talking like he own Muslims, they are less than 15% anyway… Apologise or not SKC will win come 2019..

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