Chilima to join protests against Mutharika


Vice President of Malawi Saulos Chilima has endorsed demonstrations organized by Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) against President Peter Mutharika’s administration.

Speaking at his United Transformation Movement (UTM) rally at Gymkana in Zomba, Chilima said Malawians have the right to hold peaceful demonstrations.

The vice president said the demonstrations which are against the governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) are commendable and UTM will join the protests slated for 21st September, 2018.

No love lost.

Chilima then urged Malawians to stop intimidating each other and condemned attacks against human rights activists in the country.

He pointed out that CSOs were forced to cancel the protests on 7th September after DPP planned to hold parallel demonstrations the same day, a march that was later cancelled.

On corruption, the vice president said Malawians are fed up with the vice and theft in the current government and they will show how angry they are by kicking DPP out of power next year.

During the rally, Chilima vowed that UTM will bring reforms in the civil service to ensure people are dedicated just like in the private sector.

“We want to change people’s mindset on having a vision for future generations. UTM wants to change people’s mindset on their leaders, bring speedy economic growth and sustainable development,” Chilima said.



  1. Don’t convince us on lies please we are sick and tired of you

  2. We are here in SA because of our government doesn’t want to change still living behind. They only know how to eat money with their family not to build the country and the country its very small and very easy to grow

  3. The vice president is one of the most intelligent people in Malawi,if you don’t have anything against him just keep quiet! Any sane Malawian will agree that Chilima can make a good president; just look at Airtel Ltd- no strikes, good salaries etc! DPP is led by brainless, crooks and thieves masquerading as political gurus!

  4. Mr vice president u re westing tax money. Please we re not fools. You are too power hungry. Slow take easy that great nation is looking and the church you use is also looking. These ladies around you should not fool you. Remember your life to your family first. Iam just saying

  5. This guy is brainless,coz of being overambitious no wonder he is leading this Usova Tatopa ndi Ulemu movement.Leadership is for men not coward’s like him

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