Religious leaders urged to break ‘doctrines’ that suppress women


Government has pleaded with religious leaders in Chiradzulu to break doctrines that bar women from holding positions, to achieve equal representation in decision making positions between women and men.

The plea comes amid concerns that only three women in the district have shown interest to contest in the forthcoming tripartite polls.

In an interview, District Gender Officer for Chiradzulu, Joseph Maseya observed that most women are failing to declare their interest in joining politics due to some religious beliefs which restrict them from holding any leadership position.

Maseya; break practices that hinder women empowerment.

“It is a major concern to us seeing women with potential but shying away from this political race owing to such reasons,” he said, adding this trend kills confidence in the women.

Maseya added that other than this, some women have low education levels while some are deterred by cultural beliefs.

It is against this background that the Department in collaboration with its stakeholders like the National Initiative for Civic Education, are reaching out to various communities with messages of women empowerment.

“We are planning to meet the Pastors Fraternal and the Sheikhs, to re-look at some of their doctrines that infringe women empowerment in politics and other decision-making roles,” he pointed out.

Chiradzulu has six constituencies and ten wards, all represented by men.