Govt monitoring Ebola outbreak


Government of Malawi through Ministry of Health has said it is working with the neighbouring Zambia in checking the outbreak of the Ebola disease.

This is following the fears that Zambia has registered Ebola cases, something Malawi government has said is not true.

“The Ministry of Health and Population can confirm that Zambia has ruled out Ebola from the recent suspected case.

Ebola scare rages on. (Image credit

“The Minister of Health and Population Hon. Atupele Muluzi MP, Secretary for Health Dr Dan Namarika and the team from the Ministry of Health continue to work with our neighbours to monitor the situation,” reads the statement.

Government adds that it is ready to fight against the disease when suspected cases are detected.

“We have an effective surveillance system and we have the necessary facilities and equipment to safely quarantine any suspected cases, accurately test and then treat.

“Our focus at the moment remains prevention and we continue to work with the Malawi Police Service and border personnel at all of our key ports of entry to monitor the situation,” says the statement.

Malawi government has since thanked officials at Zambia Ministry of Health for their swift and professional response which has protected the patient, Zambia and therefore Malawi.


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