UDF supporters ask Atupele on party’s future

Atupele Muluzi

United Democratic Front’s( UDF) followers in Dowa, have urged the party’s presidential candidate, Atupele Muluzi to give them direction on where to follow, UDF_ DPP alliance in government or UDF alone as the country is heading to the tripartite elections slated for May, 2019.

Atupele Muluzi
Atupele Muluzi gets the request.

Addressing a rally in Area 25, Lilongwe, Atupele Muluzi dismissed claims made by some quarters of the society that he is tipped to be Peter Mutharika’s running mate in the elections.

Muluzi assured all the UDF supporters that the party will go alone in the elections, a development which is raising questions than answers considering his role in the UDF_ DPP alliance in government.

Speaking in an interview, the party’s Dowa district organising secretary for youths, Jekete Hussein, asked Atupele Muluzi to send high ranking party officials to meet district party committees in districts for the way forward.

Jekete said Bakili Muluzi used to send party officials to meet the district committees during the country’s struggle for transition to change for democracy in the 1990s, hence a great need for senior party officials meeting them for an underground discussions and not taking rallies as a platform for sending messages to the UDF supporters.

Jekete made the call.

” I would have loved if the UDF leadership send officials to meet us on the direction so that together we can start campaigning for our party president, MPs and Councilors, ” said Jekete.

He said all the UDF die_ hard supporters in the district registered in their large numbers but do not know who to vote for as they are having no clear direction.

The Secretary said if indeed the young Muluzi has made up his mind to go alone in the elections, then it is a welcome development to all UDF members but, they should be communicated appropriately and not through rallies as this continues to leave the UDF members with no direction.

He said Dowa district UDF committee is intact and cannot be shaken by politics happening in Malawi and what is lacking is power to guide them on the direction to take as no one is sure of what will come out with the UDF_ DPP alliance in government.

Jekete said it would be a sad political development for the young Muluzi to change his tune,two to three months before elections that he is partnering with the DPP saying this will put the UDF family tongue _ tide and their voters prepared for Muluzi will be nothing but useless.

He assured the UDF leadership that he cannot tolerate to see the party dying a natural deaths in the district having fought for it from the underground movement, recalling that he was one of the people who were chased away by the notorious MCP supporters at a UDF mini meeting held at Tchawale primary school in the district in 1993.


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