Chilima promises to turn Mangochi into a city


Vice President Saulos Chilima has revealed plans to turn Mangochi town into a city if he is elected as president next year.

Chilima who is also leader of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) made the promise during the fourth launch of the UTM this afternoon in Mangochi.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima: Mangochi will become a city

Chilima said the district is the most important tourist destination area in Malawi due to the presence of Lake Malawi but it is underdeveloped.

“We want Mangochi to become a city. When we look at lakeshore cities in other countries, such as Durban and Cape Town in South Africa, they are beautiful cities. They have water transport, they also have fishing and tourism industries. Who said we Mangochi cannot have such industries?” said Chilima.

He added that his vision is to see Mangochi having factories for processing fish which would then be exported to other countries.

“Here in Mangochi there is a beautiful lake. This lake can create jobs for many Malawians. The lake we swim in is our jobs,” said Chilima.

During the rally, Chilima also mentioned plans to boost the agriculture sector and improve access to education.

On education, Chilima dwelled on strategies which his movement will put into place after abolishing the quota system.

He said UTM will encourage universities to promote and implement open distance learning to allow students access university education using technology.

“We can have Chancellor College Mangochi Wing and a person living in Mangochi can be accessing university education through information technology,” said Chilima.

Chilima said this will immediately increase admission into public universities while government is implementing the long term solution of constructing more universities.

The vice president who went to the rally with a slingshot for dealing with corrupt people also reiterated UTM’s plans of ending corruption and nepotism as well as introducing new politics.




  1. Stop bodza Chilima
    Peter is trying his best
    Wabwino apange chani?

  2. U have started Mr chilima Bodza….do u know what a city looks like and do u know what it take to build it….i better stay with this dpp u will be worse than peter

  3. ?take my vote Mr.C. koma achina Kaliati wa sinduwawona bwino kumeneko. pofunika kuchenjera ndi anthu olowa nchipani enawa amaloa chipani kamba kofuna kubisala milandu yawo they are nothing but scavengers dyera too much

  4. Useless UTM! Mzuzu University and LUANAR are already implementing the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) strategy to increase access. This is a DPP strategy to address challenges in tertiary education access. For MZUNI, there are ODL centres at Mulanje sec. sch., Balaka sec. sch., Lilongwe TTC and Karonga TTC. Have you been sleeping? Haven’t you seen that DPP is already implementing this? For LUANAR, it has ODL sites in Blantyre and Mzuzu. Forget my vote. You are hopeless.

  5. Stop talking nonsense why didn’t u say anything during this term when u work with ur friend Peter? And what makes u think that people will believe a word that comes out of ur mouth? You and Peter nonse ngolephera so stop talking shit

  6. My vice president! Stay focused! Whatever you promised during the launch of UTM is achievable! Some misguided people don’t believe this because they don’t have a vision for this country! See you at the ballot! Best Wishes SKC!

  7. Well structured plans I can see the vision, I was one of the haters now you have my vote.

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