Mec urges Malawians abroad to come home to register


The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) has appealed to Malawians living in diaspora to come back home and take part in the ongoing voter registration ahead of the May 2019 tripartite elections.

MEC Commissioner Reverend Clifford Baloyi made the remarks in Blantyre on Wednesday during the launch of the fourth phase of voter registration.

Commissioner Baloyi said:” the constitution and current electoral laws does not allow the commission to register or conduct elections outside the country, hence we appeal to all Malawians living abroad and willingly to come back home and register so that they can have a chance to cast their vote during the polling day”.

Electoral reforms bills

Malawi heads to the polls next year.

The amended section 16 of the Electoral Commission Act number 11 of 1998 states that ” it shall be the right and the civic duty of every eligible citizen to present himself for registration as a voter and further he shall have the right to verify with the commission or its officers that he has been registered and to request that any error or omission with respect to his registration be corrected”.

He added: “according to the electoral laws Malawians in diaspora are expected to be physically present at the center they registered in order to cast their vote as Section 74(1) says the right to vote in general elections shall be exercised individually by him and he shall be required to be physically present”.

Commissioner Baloyi said while the laws provide a chance to vote for foreigners who have lived in the country for seven consecutive years there’s a need for the foreign nationals to go and register first with the Nation Registration Bureau (NRB) for national Identity cards in order to participate in the ongoing voter registration ahead of the polls.

Commenting on the fourth phase of voter registration which will be conducted in Blantyre, Ntcheu,Chikwawa and Mwanza districts, Commissioner Baloyi commended political parties and other stakeholders in the electoral process for wooing the masses to register in large numbers in the previous two phases.

In his remarks District Commissioner for Blantyre Bennet Nkasala said the district has prepared well for the exercise and that it is geared for a record turnout.

According to the country’s chief pollster, the commission is targeting over 9 Million voters in the exercise which will be conducted in 9 phases.



  1. Alter rubbish,l must come to vote for who?What will you do after voting for you?What has changed since multiparty started? Sorry there is change:Corruption has improved,School fees has gone sky high,Hospitals have no medicine,Civil servants now get paid earlier on 40 of every month,There are plenty jobs that needs to be filled by those who run away to other countries,Even our currency has improved K3 to R1 in 1993 to K50+ to R1 now…..Even a gardener in another country can pay a Doctor in Malawi…..

  2. It’s good I dea to come back to Malawi.but if you can arrange free transport to abroad you want people from abroad because of About they’re personal property n problems.on the way here.find other way to vote on line for them.

  3. Mec why you are calling for diaspora to come now? Where were you on phase 1 & 2? Is it because it is for Southerners? Or you are telling Malawians that you favour South? You want to be in numbers that side? That is a stupid call.