Fredokiss disses Tay Grin

Fredokiss Penjani Kalua

Malawi Hip hop giant Fredokiss has rekindled dissing Tay Grin but this time outside the studio, years after waving goodbye to beef.


The ghetto king kong has this time used social media in dressing down the Nyau kingpin. According to the former, the latter is fond of copying other musicians` styles of going about the music game.

Fredo made the beef post on Facebook yesterday while informing his fans about the Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy show, where he will perform on 26th August.

“Blantyre! Blantyre! Let’s meet at College of Medicine on 26th August! The original Ntchana will be live!! Ada okopela aja asowa bwanji, mundiperekele moni, abwere uku azalembe notes Lol! (How come that copycat is missing, extend my greetings and he should attend the event to copy something),” reads the post.

His fans have reacted positively to the post. Lackie Chipwere commented: “original ntchana wa ife ndi Fredo big up (Fredokiss is our hero)”.

Tay Grin
Tay Grin

Matty Freeman Mpheta was also all appraisal for Fredokiss as he commented, “the ghetto king”.

After Fredokiss threw free shows in a countrywide tour last year, Tay Grin followed suit with the same nature of events, in the same cities. This gave people a reason to believe that the latter is not creative enough to introduce something new.

Tay is not in the lineup of urban artists billed to perform at this year’s Carlsberg Urban Music Legacy having headlined the event last year. This has given Fredo who returns to the phenomenon`s stage, a more solid reason to take jabs at Grin.

The show will be happening for the third year running. Fredokiss will take to stage for the second time having performed at the maiden legacy show in 2016.



  1. OMG…. To be fare here ? I think its obvious that both of these artists are legends in the music industry…. But we also know that there can’t be two stars in the same game.. One always has to be the best.
    If you can take a closer look to analyze bother of these stars you would see that, fredo has never changed his styles in hip hop music to date what Freda has done is the perfect his approach and his creativity in all sectors of his music.. On the other hand for Grin, let’s take it back history, the Grin legend I know is not the one I know now.. Not because his making money now.. No, I mean that’s one of the things that separates boys from men., but the thing is that the styles he was using back then are no much tovtge ones he is using today.. This will led us to conclude that there must be some where he got these new styles from. Its like his no longer the nyau-kinpin…………………

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