SA police minister to fetch stolen cars in Malawi

South african police

South African Police Minister has said he will come to Malawi to fetch vehicles which were stolen from South Africa.

According to the minister Bheki Cele, there are at least 300 cars in Malawi which were stolen from the Rainbow nation.

South african police
South African Police Minister Bheki Cele

He told reporters at a press briefing that thieves steal at least 22,000 cars in South Africa every year.

“Most of them are taken over our borders to neighbouring countries. Malawi has 300 of these vehicles, many of the cars are stolen from Gauteng,” Cele said.

The minister added that he recently went to Mozambique where he saw luxury vehicles with Gauteng registration numbers.

He said: ”They do not even change the number plates there…I wont tell you who drives them, but I can tell you that a lot of the stolen Gauteng cars are being driven freely in the streets of Maputo with no problem. I will be meeting with authorities there soon to attend to this issue.”



  1. How come stolen cars pass all bodars form here to Malawi. While they are 9 bodars kkkkk

  2. this guy smokes weed, so if u buy car here from someone and you still under his or her registration is that car stolen, then start looking on those car with Mw plates mayb might be stolen as well

  3. Honorable Cele ,life is good don’t search for misfortunes . You have a huge responsibility in your family plz these foreign thieves are gonna bewitch you Im not joking

  4. The cars that crossed the borders are stolen by immigrates,throughout the border gates where officials are there,this shows that immigrates are here to DESTROY our country.

  5. That’s nosense if u fail to catch them in ur country how come u can manage to catch them in there countrys.if u think about Mangochi u gonna come back by foot because u gonna be bewitched there

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