Chilima asked to axe UTM members

CChilima endorsed the demos

Concerned members of the United Transformation Movement (UTM) have asked the party’s president Saulos Chilima to axe from the party some members who are accused of being involved in criminal activities.

The concerned members through a letter to Chilima said the UTM president should tell some of the senior members to stop associating themselves with the movement until they are cleared by the courts.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima asked to axe some party members

The concerned members mentioned UTM members such as Patricia Kaliati, Noel Masangwi, Ralph Kasambara, Richard Makondi and Louis Ngalande saying they are accused of being involved in illegal activities.

“Despite the popularity we are having still we have thought it wise to request you our president to make sure that what we are telling Malawians is the true reflection of what we have and we will be telling the nation when we happen to take government in 2019.

“We must be sure that every member in our grouping is and has no dent that will make our opponent to start enjoying propaganda towards our party,” the concerned members said.

Chilima launched the movement in the Southern Region on Sunday with the promise that his government will prioritise the fight against corruption.



  1. I prefer if white man can take our gorvnment black people are all crooks I wish if we have political white man who could take our government

  2. Iwe Isaiah Mhango don’t talk like you know what Chilima and APM were discussing in their private meetings. Do you know what he promised him when he called him into politics, do you really have knowledge if he never raised any issues with APM as his President. Do you even know what they talked before he make a decision to just leave DPP and be on his own. He had a chance of being running mate again but the young man was brave enough, even though he knew the going is going to be tough, but still he quite. At least he has come out late rather than your zigogos who are busy clapping hands not able to see any rot in a government where there is smell in every department.

  3. Birds of same feather, Nawo akawina sangasinthe malawi, kuba basi.

  4. Nkhuni xakumalawi zoseketsa kkkkkk kkkkkk kuti gadaaaaaaa

  5. Malawi malawi ndale palibe chilungamo ndipo inenso ndiosayenera unless ndavoter, tizingokhalira kukokana ngati awa daily tisintha liti iiiiiii

  6. Let’s call a spades be a spade .check out this or. …… ?

  7. UTM yayamba litilo kukhala ndi ma concerned members iwowo ndi omwe anyamule zida azipipita chifukwa chomwe akufuna ndichisokonezo pamene anzawo akumanga malawi

  8. Choti mudziwe ndi choti Akweni abwera kuzakhala ku UTM mpaka pa 21 May 2019 ndipo sanati akadayabwabe

  9. Choti mudziwe ndi choti Akweni abwera kuzakhala ku UTM mpaka pa 21 May 2018 ndipo sanati akadayabwabe

  10. Kumuneko ndiye kufunsa mwanzeru nthawi ino siyamangawa ndiyomanga malawi watsopano. Enawatu amatchulidwa mayina awo chifukwa politically sangawakwanise ndi njira yoti UTM ilowere pansi akakhala Akweni olo Obaba wo Tembo (MCP) alibe nawo mawu

  11. So those dirty hands should go ahead ruining Malawian and use chilima for their propaganda?

  12. If we are all sinners, then why is Chilima accusing Mutharika of corruption, in fact falsely accusing DPP of this and that?

  13. Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stones

  14. You have already started kulimbana agalu inu. Things will fall apart shortly and the centre will not hold when we start exposing your dirty past

  15. When did kusambara joined UTM? I can tell that this is not real

  16. Even you who is asking” Network One”to do that ur not perfect.

  17. Malawi24 ndinu a DPP timadziwa. zomwe mukumalemba ndizopanga against ndi UTM.kodi mesa bwana wanu amapikisana nawo ku convention ya DPP.Ndipo choti mudziwe zinthu zisintha basi.Apumbwa onse out!!

  18. Yes its true these criminals are not welcomed in this kind of movement .

  19. The promise of Mr Chilima is fake of which all Malawians now are clever and they have ayes that can see the movement so called UTM is surrounded by bad people like Richard msowoya who is involved in tractorgate,Noel massangwi who was in DPP moving with pangs knifes suspected in the death of Robert chasowa,Akweni kaliati who was crying and refusing that the late Bingo wamuthalika is not dead refusing to pave the way to Joice banda to be the president of the country according to the constitution of the nationa,himself Mr Chilima who has with DPP for 4years but because of disagreement with the president pro APM and decided to form the movement and start cheating Malawians,in Malawi we need someone who is new in politics and with people who are clean like Dr Laz Chakwera to form new government,thats the only hope for Malawians not Chilima.

  20. Do not judge as everyone will be found to be guilty at the right time don’t press a panic button remember what God has put forward no man shall reverse

  21. The first person to axe people is muthalika the second is chilima. Why they tell chilima first? Please we malawians lets stop nsanje kaduka nkhanza.

  22. Do we have anyone who is righteous on this earth? We are all sinners.

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