Calls for Msowoya, Chilima to resign resurface

Saulos Chilima Richard Msowoya

Vice President Saulos Chilima and Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya face appeals to step down from their respective positions over a feared ‘conflict of interest’.

The calls have been made by the Forum for National Development (FND),
Msowoya, announced days ago he had joined Chilima’s United Transformation Movement (UTM) before the Vice President marked an initial launch of the movement in Lilongwe last weekend.

FND during a Press briefing on Tuesday said Msowoya’s move shows an unprecedented disrespect for the laws on the nation by the Speaker.

Saulos Chilima Richard Msowoya
Chilima and Msowoya face appeals to step down

Msowoya is accused of violating Section 65 (1) of the Republic of Malawi Constitution.
The section states that “The Speaker shall declare vacant the seat of any member of the National Assembly who was, at the time of his election, a member of one political party represented in the National Assembly, other than by that member alone but who has voluntarily ceased to be a member of that party or has joined another political party represented in the National Assembly, or has joined any other political party, or association or organization whose objectives are political in nature.”

Chodzi, wonders why Msowoya has not been an example to respect this section.

‘’ He (Msowoya) has lost legal authority to lead the law making body by flouting this very same constitutional provision. We cannot have a law making body be led by a person who openly flouts and violates the constitution. Further, the actions of the speaker has put the Malawi constitution in crisis” said Chodzi.

Msowoya bowed out of the MCP, having lost the mantle to Sidik Mia for the Vice Presidency post.
FND had also initially asked for Chilima and Presidential Advisor on Safe Motherhood Calista Mutharika to step down from their posts for what they dub as official negligence.

The former first lady ignited the calls for Chilima to replace Peter Mutharika in the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) before what now appears to be a successful faction has emerged as led by Chilima himself.

He launched the movement last weekend and heads to Blantyre this Sunday. Chilima told the rally, he will not relent against any oppositions against him during this time.


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  1. I wonder why people are making a fuss over the Speaker of the Nation changing parties, and the FND calling it a “disrespect of the laws”, where in the world is the 145 Million case a sign of respect for the law of Malawi. When that is money that could have been used to provide MEDICINE for the public hospitals which tax payers and other citizens/voters go foe help and are returned due to Lack of resources. When the money could have been used to build more houses, where which new graduants can access affordable accomodation, rather than having to spend 30% of their income only to be robbed by their leaders.

    Trully FND this here is not an issue at all. And i advise you that you get your Priorities in check, for the Development. Of the nations.

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