64-year-old man netted for sexually abusing granddaughter


Police in Chitipa are keeping in custody a 64-year-old man for indecently assaulting his five-year-old granddaughter.

Chitipa police public relations officer Gladwell Simwaka identified the man as Levison Kasonda.

MachingaAccording to the wife of the suspect, the two live with two granddaughters aged 5 and 10. During the midnight of 8th July, the suspect got on top of the 5 year old granddaughter in an attempt to sexually abuse her.

The kid screamed alerting the grandmother who shouted for help and the girl was rescued from the hands of the old man.

The matter was reported to Nthalire police unit where police officers made a follow up and arrested the suspect. The suspect will appear in court soon to answer a case of indecent assault.

Levison Kasonda hails from Benthu village in the area of traditional authority Nthalire in Chitipa.