Chilima knows Mutharika’s dirty secrets

Peter Mutharika

The Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) investigation report about a K2.3 billion contract to Pioneer Investment from which President Peter Mutharika benefited K145 million has revealed that Chilima knows how dirty Mutharika is.

Chilima’s recent calls to have the immunity of the presidency from being prosecuted removed was foretelling.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima knows something

The report, leaked yesterday, documents that President Peter Mutharika has been basking in dirty money looted from the public coffer.

“His excellency President Peter Mutharika benefited K145,000,000 from proceedings of Pioneer Investment fraud scheme from Malawi Government through DPP account at Standard Bank to which he is a sole signatory,” says the report.

However, the ACB recommends that Mutharika should not be prosecuted as he is protected by Section 91(2) of the constitution of the Republic of Malawi.

It is widely understood among social commentators that revelations that Mutharika benefited financially in the loot is a tip of an iceberg.

One of the activists in the country Charles Kajoloweka concurred with Chilima that revelations of the leaked report should serve as grounds to rid the country of the “presidential immunity.”



  1. Hee koma a Malawi munthu ndi munthu ndi umunthu wake.why keeping such person as a president with such big amount of cash ..Pomwe a Malawi akunzuzika ….Choooonde chotsani mtunduwo ..He has no humanity Aaaaaccchoookeeee akakhale Ku Mdata kwa oko

  2. Yoooo that’s y malawians we still poor , we’re we can gate our a good leader this is too much but God he gonna crash them

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