Calls for Mutharika to step down gain momentum


Malawians have called on President Peter Mutharika to resign following revelations that he got K145 million in kickbacks from a businessman who defrauded government of K466 million.

A leaked report by the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) says businessman Zameer Karim was fraudulently awarded a K2.3 billion contract to procure ration packs for Malawi Police Service (MPS).

Zameer Karim


Karim together with MPS Director of Finance G.I Bottoman used that deal to steal K466 million and launder K1.4 billion. The businessman then sent K145 million to a Standard Bank account whose sole signatory is Mutharika.

The revelations have led to questions over Mutharika’s dealings and Malawians have called for the president’s resignation.

“I beg to move that President Peter Mutharika must step aside and clear his name in a trial by the courts of the Republic of Malawi, and if the courts find him innocent, he can resume his presidency. My proposal is in fact good for his political career, otherwise he will enter into the next electoral cycle widely regarded as a thief. The trial could be expedited – two months max. If guilty, of course he goes to jail, like all thieves do. If innocent, he comes back with a greater halo and wins back the confidence of the general public,” said social commentator Onjezani Kenani on Facebook.

While Louis Malukula said: “He must pave way for investigation….tired of these hyenas that are killing the nation softly.”

Commenting on Kenani’s post, Mte Mandala said: “I believe section 91(2) of our Constitution was not set to protect day light theft and robbery of public resources like this. It was set there for a president who agrees to uphold and respect the constitution. In this case the constitution of the republic has not been upheld or respected as such he cannot be defended by the very constitution he has not upheld and respect. I therefore beg to move that this guy be arrested by the tenets of the same constitution. Peter Mutharika must therefore be arrested, money return and all his accomplices sent to jail with him.”


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