Chilima is the chosen one – Hollywood star

Saulos Chilima

Malawi`s internationally recognised film actor has joined a bandwagon of people persuading the country`s Vice President Saulos Chilima to run for presidency in the 2019 tripartite elections.

Eugene Khumbanyiwa who is celebrated for starring in Hollywood blockbusters, has underscored that Chilima is the chosen one. In this respect, he has to answer the call of the people by representing them in the forthcoming elections.

Eugene Khumbanyiwa
Khumbanyiwa: Chilima is the chosen one

“When you know you are the chosen one, but Goliath is busy running his mouth, keep your eyes on the prize. The youth needs you. Answer the call, sir: Malawi needs you!” Wrote Khumbanyiwa on Facebook .

Khumbanyiwa`s view has attracted mixed reactions from Malawians.

Denis Njoloma, in commenting on the movie star`s opinion said: “I agree with Eugene, its high time the youth took over, we are not leaders of tomorrow but now is the time.”

However, Martha Zimba differed with the actor’s view as she said: “Mr Khumbanyiwa you do not live in Malawi hence you are not in a better position to tell the world who Malawi needs.”

Since the deputy Malawi leader announced his departure from the ruling Democratic Progressive (DPP) on 6th June, Malawians have  been eagerly waiting for his next step in politics.

A majority of youthful urban dwellers express support for Chilima through social media. Some analysts have argued that this should not be mistaken for national popularity for Chilima because most people who vote are in rural areas and cut off from the social media community.



  1. Being young does not mean that you can be a good leader. A peter woyeeee!!!!

  2. How can our only hope be the guy who helped rig elections in 2014. This APM is in power because of SKC’s crookedness and corruption. He did it for the money and power and we don’t need a president who can sell himself for money.

  3. Chilima is the remaining hope of Malawi Madala must rest for he is doing nothing

  4. Peter and all your old madalas pack up and Go threat this very urgent

  5. Sometimes I wonder the type of thinking or the type of probability people engage to give Chilima victory. If APM won whilst in opposition chances are HE will do better now that HE is in government.

  6. Martha Zimba America is not far from Malawi especially these days, the world is connected, Eugene is a Malawian I hope he follows what’s happening in his country although is in America, if Chilima is not the one mention yours… You are in Malawi but you don’t know that Chilima is a right person for the country… I agree with Eugene…

  7. That’s justice, Chilima is the only person to save us.

  8. Chilima knows what he is doing. Let us wait and see.

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