Mwenefumbo condemns quota system


Alliance for Democracy (Aford) Frank Mwenefumbo has condemned the quota system of selecting students to public universities saying it shatters dreams of deserving students.

Mwenefumbo said this on Sunday when the party held a rally at Mzuzu upper stadium.

Mwenefumbo: this is nepotism.

He said the quota system has been affecting the quality of education considering that many students who enter the corridors of the countrys universities are not worthy it.

“We have been asking the minister of education to consider this but nothing has been done on this issue, students who are passing with good grades are the ones failing to access tertiary education while those who pass with lower grades are ones enjoying today, this is nepotism. For instance what happened in Karonga, a student with 13 points was not selected.

My fellow parliamentarians who were supposed to be mouthpiece of the people who put them in those positions are just quiet instead of tackling the issues,” he explained.

Mwenefumbo who is also Member of Parliament for Karonga Central told the rally that most of the challenges Malawians are facing including shortage of medicine and massive blackouts are due to corruption.

The parliamentarian and Enoch Chihana are both claiming to be president of Aford, something that has split the party.

At the rally, Mwenefumbo denied claims by the Chihana camp that he wants to sell the party to the Democratic Progressive Party.

He however challenged that he is ready to work with anyone willing to join Aford.

Mwenefumbo also revealed that the party will fight hard to win parliamentary seats in all districts across the country during next year’s elections.

In his remarks, the party’s general Secretary   Christopher Ritchie from Mwenefumbo’s camp said they are ready to work with Chihana and resolve their conflicts.

During the event, some people from Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and United Democratic Party (UDF) joined Aford.

Musician Joseph Tembo entertained people at the rally.


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  1. Hon Tumpale, let not quota system be your campaign tool. That maybe sweet to the ear of North but not centre, south and east. That already is a sign of nepotism/tribalism in your head. The solution is not that empty talk but increase of institutions of higher learning. If you are a mature politician worth the state presidency , you should have noticed that the community colleges and the five universities in the offing, if botched up or correctly implemented is a sure way towards eliminating QUOTA SYSTEM. Choice also matters. You should be aware that some students from the north have also benefited from quota system going to chancellor college with 19 points from cdss and proud graduate o the university of Malawi. One of them is a lawyer and you are aware the rigorous process that is followed to enter the Law School at chancoll. I therefore urge to be careful if you may win any seats in the other regions. We need mature politicians and they will be judged by real issues affecting the nation.

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