Malawi Airtel Top 8 semifinal preview: Who will switch to 4G?

Silver Strikers

It’s the first semifinal of the prestigious Malawi Airtel top 8 cup.

One common insignia of the two teams is the “Eagle” bird. The Reserve Bank of Malawi, the bankrollers of Silver Strikers use an Eagle, probably because the bird is a keen protector of its assets.

Silver Strikers
Will they defend the cup?

On the other hand, the police has an Eagle and precisely because it can see far, that sounds like police work seeing “far”.

Well, the Eagles will be flying in a semifinal at Civo stadium on a cold Saturday afternoon, blazing the tormenting chill of the beauty of soccer.

Blue Eagles coming from a goalless action against Mafco in quarterfinal are debutants in Semifinal of Airtel Top 8, having failed to qualify in first season after their feathers were torn apart by KB.

Silver Strikers being that Eagle that is protecting the cup are in their second semifinal and are coming from 1-1 draw against their city neighbors Civil Sporting.

One other interesting statistic is that, it’s only 3 players in this fixture that have a bundle to increase their tally of goals and match the leading Cup scorer Joseph Kamwendo.

The beaks of Newman Mwasamale, Mphatso Filimoni and Jnr Malidadi have all one credit to their Airtel goal account.

The form of all these Eagles  provide an amazing arena to stream fast with entertainment of a final birth that all teams are salivating to devour.

One thing is certain, if you have K1000 you have an “open” chance in the stand and watch this Eagles’ flight and fight in Semifinals.

Importantly predicting the outcome is equally a welcome gesture as who is the best ‘Eagle’.

The one that keeps the money or the one that provides security to the money?

Its Silver Strikers vs Blue Eagles, let their Eagles fly into semis with a 4G network.