Callista killed Bingu – Jeffrey

Callista Mutharika DPP

Despite doctors revealing that former head of State late Bingu wa Mutharika died of cardiac arrest, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Grezeldar Jeffrey has claimed that former First Lady Callista Mutharika was responsible for the death of the former president.

Callista Mutharika DPP

Jeffrey told Malawians at a rally in Thyolo today that former first lady, Callista “killed” Bingu.

She added that Callista is bitter with President Peter Mutharika and wants him replaced as party president because he refused to give the former First Lady Ndata Farm.

“Anthu aku Thyolo ndati ndikuwuzeni, a Bingu anawapha ndi Mayi uja Callista (People from Thyolo let me tell you this Bingu was killed by that woman Callista),” said Jeffrey.

She then faulted people supporting Vice President Saulos Chilima saying they wanted ministerial positions.
Bingu died in 2012 while he was head of state for the republic of Malawi.

The ruling DPP is experiencing political whirlwind following Callista’s stance that Peter Mutharika is old to lead the party ahead of 2019 polls.

Callista’s opinion seems to have divided the party as some want Chilima while others want Mutharika to be the torchbearer in the forthcoming general elections.




  2. Jeffery where were you frm 2012? Suuka with ur nonsense Satanist Towe ?

  3. So iweyo secretary general wa dpp you are here to tell us that calista killed bingu and your dpp president was courageous enough kulanda chuma cha masiye but afraid to take the bingu killer head on? What astupid man then?

  4. Nzosadabwitsa,,paja mdima umadana ndi kuunika,,,ndipo ochita ntchito za mumdima sadza kukuunikako kuti ntchito zawo zingaonekere…Walakwanji Callista ponena chilungamo,,,lero mukuti ndiye anapha Bingu….mwasowa mfundo ana anjoka inu…mukufunika shabalakatali,,liboseleee…

  5. I have always wondered what killed Bingu or how exactly he died, and today am really glad that we have the DPP secretary general who seems to know not only how Bingu died but also most importantly who killed him.

    So two things need to happen, first and fore most I would like to believe that we have a competent police in Malawi who takes murder cases very very seriously indeed and that they will be speaking to the DPP secretary general in the next 24 hours to extract more information from her to get all the details on how Kalistar murdered Bingu and what her motivation was.

    Secondly I would like the Malawi police to quiz the DPP secretary general why it has taken her so long to come out with such important information, the police should assess whether she is liable of obstruction of justice.

    On the other hand if the DPP secretary general was making these accusations just to please her boss then I would like to advice Kalistar to instruct her attorneys to start legal proceedings straight away. The campaign period has not yet started and if this kind of free speech is kept unchecked then our young democracy will be in danger, we really need to safe guard the future of our democracy. Please sue this foul mouthed vile woman.

  6. Hahahahaha hahahahaha kkkkkkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkk hahahahaha hahahahaha kkkkkkkkkkkkkk Things Fall Apart. I think that the centre can not hold anymore. President wanji wolanda chuma chamasiye.

  7. yizo yizo tiyeni nazo zayambika tsopano, those who thought politics is a clean game should revisit their reasoning,moving towards elections obviously it’s gonna get nasty ,sananame a kumudzi ndalama anayiphika mosakaniza ndi mwazi.Am still waiting for hon Madame Callista Mutharika introducing her kids Duwa and Tapiwa supporting her move before I take her serious,the mom can’t say one thing and her kids another thing.Honestly I pity her and her kids for the death of Bingu and if her kids supports her move honestly I will go for Chilima because I would hate to learn that the family of the late President is being mistreated by his own brother but if not then Madame Callista should count my support out

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