NGO urges youth to take up vocational training


A non-governmental organization (NGO) in Mzuzu has called on the youth in the country to consider technical education.

According to the organization, Youth to Youth Empowerment Network, young people in the country disregard technical education with the view that they will be enrolled in public and private universities.

Moyo speaking to students gathered.

Speaking in an interview, Youth to Youth Empowerment Network coordinator for the North Austin Moyo said this has affected greatly the trainings that are being implemented in the country by TEVET.

He added that apart from raising awareness to students, the organization is also contributing towards improving girls’ education in the country since it encourages girls to acquire vocational skills which in the end improves their living standards.

Moyo further stressed that they are targeting about 50 secondary schools across the country to try and change the mindset of students to start considering technical education seriously.

“We rolled out this outreach across the Northern Region after noticing that most students do not value Technical education which has greatly affected the labour market and also the trainings being offered in Malawi by TEVET, so we want students to start taking into consideration the vocational trainings to contribute to national development,” said Moyo.

The project is being implemented with funding from United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) under the Skills and Technical Education program (STEP) and it is targeting 50 secondary schools in the Northern Region of Malawi.