Chilima refused to disown movement

Saulos Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima rejected President Peter Mutharika’s request to disown the Chilima Movement, a group supporting the vice president as the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) torchbearer for the 2019 elections.

According to the local media, Mutharika last week sent Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe, Justice Minister Samuel Tembenu and Education Minister Bright Msaka to meet Chilima over the DPP faction.

Saulos Chilima
Chilima has refused to disown Chilima movement.

The three however failed to persuade the vice president to release a statement disowning the movement which has caused divisions in the DPP.

During the meeting, the ministers told Chilima that Mutharika is willing to maintain him as his runningmate in the 2019 elections.

Chilima however said he wanted to meet Mutharika to discuss the issues.

On Monday, Mutharika and his deputy met for over an hour. Presidential spokesperson Mgeme Kalirani confirmed that the meeting took place.

He said: “I can confirm that the VP came to see the President. Actually, this is not the first time he [the Vice-President] has come to meet the President. Every time he wants to see the President he comes.”

The meeting came days after Chilima condemned rampant corruption in government and warned that there will be divisions if the malpractice continues.

A faction in the DPP wants Chilima to be the party’s presidential candidate in next year’s elections but Mutharika insisted last month that he will represent the party in order to seek re-election.

Meanwhile, the DPP has announced that it will hold a convention to choose its torchbearer next month.



  1. Chilima ndi diru akangoti waimila muntharika ine yanga voti muiwale koma I love dpp sikuti ife adadi tikuwanyoza koma azingojelela basi ulemu azilandilab

  2. Malawi is a country full of ignorant people, education is worthy no more, honestly, politicians have taken advantage of the situation, why is it that N.I.C.E. only keeps on enlightening people when we are only a few days to elections, things are done in a harry leaving already challenged people not understand anything. please educate people on how to identify right president to avoid such problems. Malawi is a democratic country, where everyone has the right to do according to his/her feels. I just feel sorry to hear that during DPP convention there shall be no contesting on Presidential seat. MMMM what kind of democracy is this, since followers are ignorant as they are,then they accept willingly. mmmmmm blindfolded with a ban. kkkk Please God save the Country.

  3. Peter must step down please give chance others also then we can deffereciate

  4. Tatiyeni tizingokhala apa…vote ili muntima nfikungoyang’ana basi kuti akubwele ndi nzeru zo zama ndi ndani apa….
    Kodi dziko lino zinthu zizasintha liti?

  5. Chilima or no Chilima Dpp’s time is over…The party for the nation is coming back…MCP and Chakwera its your time..

  6. Mo faya chilima Peter must step down u rabish

  7. I am very sorry I don’t think like my brother here (DAVIS MAKOBIRI) for me I could like to say the truth my pple we voted for munthalika but he does nothing for the past 4 year’s, to be honest we don’t need him anymore, to me I can vote for DPP if is chilima not for munthalika family if PETER still want to be the president then forget about my vote

  8. More fire Chilima,we need fresh blood, not because we don’t want Mutharika, but we want DPP to stay for ever. I n my opinion,if Mutharika pave way for Chilima, Chilima and the government he will form will respect the mitharikas, and will leave a good legacy.

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