MCP reinstates Msowoya, others

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has reinstated Vice President Richard Msowoya and other four suspended members of the party.

The other four are Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo, Director of International Relations Tony Kandiero, Spokesperson Jessie Kabwila and First Deputy Secretary General Chatonda Kaunda.

MCP has reinstated Msowoya and four others.

The party made the announcement at a press briefing today following a National Executive Committee meeting held in Lilongwe to find the way forward on how the party can strengthen its position and move forward.

Speaking to reporters, MCP second Deputy President MacDonald Lombola said MCP has made the decision to strengthen the party.

“Malawi Congress Party represents people, the general public at large and we want to be united even during the convention,” he said.

He made it clear that the reinstatement of the senior party members has not been made because the party is expecting to hold a convention.

Lombola however explained that it is in the interest of the party to move forward in unison towards achieving the bigger objective of providing with an alternative government.
He however refused to disclose the date when the party is expecting to hold its convention.

The party’s decision comes a day after the five obtained an injunction restraining the party from convening a convention or inviting them to disciplinary inquiries.



  1. Akanganya inu mukupitilizabe kukangana? Mukuchonsa nkhalakale za chipani muwona moto 2019 muwauzenso a times group ayiikeso pa hot current asamangolimbana ndi a DPP okha ayi kumeneko ndikukondela

  2. Thanks for the valid decision you have undertaken. that is really maturity as we approach to the toughest period of total change. am applauding that you have also changed

  3. Mukapngatu zosokonezanso kuchipani kwanuko muluzanso 2019. Mukufuna DPP idzawinenso?

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