ACB to stop DPP’s Jeffrey from being awarded K70bn


Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has said it will fight a claim by Democratic Progressive Party’s (DPP) Greselder Jeffrey who wants to be awarded K70 billion.

Jeffrey who is DPP Secretary General was together with three others accused of abusing K187 million but won the case. Now they want to be given K70 billion.

Greselder Jeffrey

During a meeting with ACB director general Reyneck Matemba on Tuesday, Parliamentary Legal Affairs Committee chairperson Maxwell Thyolera said delay in prosecuting the K187 million case led to government being sued.

“The damages, to the tune of K70 billion, are too much; this is milking from the meagre resources we have,” he said.

But Matemba said the bureau willl fight the claim.

He added that previous government officials failed to make the right decisions and that is why government is being sued.

“ACB did its best to take the matter to court. But there were some officers and offices in the public sector that made the decisions causing us the problems now,” he reported.

During the meeting, Thyolera urged government to be serious in fighting corruption and to adequately fund the ACB and other agencies that fight corruption and crime.

“I urge the government to ensure that these institutions are well equipped to do their work properly,” he said.



  1. Oh shame to the Malawi government whats running in the governing minds can’t you see that you are robbing the Nation mainly the poor….. I wish the ghost spirits of the father and founder of the warm heart of Africa should take an action maybe something’s can change…. And i pray to God to do something and creat someone like Gideon to save the nation….from devils and parasites .Malawi please wake-up please please….i beggy you. 70 bln for what lacking love yoouuu i mean youuuuu of course.

  2. Koma dzikoli anthu alipezerera kumangotenga ndalama ngati zamasiye ena akuvutika kumidziku

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