Villagers corner car thieves


Villagers in Ntcheu stopped criminals who were speeding through their village with a stolen vehicle.

The move led to the recovery of the Toyota Passo which is valued at K2.5 million.

According to Ntcheu Police Deputy spokesperson Andrew Kamanga, Police got a report from the driver Casio Mateyu, 32, that he was hired by a man to take him from Balaka to Bilira Community Day Secondary School to carry unspecified goods.

When they arrived in Bilira, the man was joined by two other criminals and asked the driver to proceed further to a certain house where they claimed to have kept the goods.

On their way to the house, the criminals attacked the driver, pushed him out of the vehicle and drove away.

Casio Mateyu, then reported the matter to Bilira Police Unit. Search operation was launched to all possible angles.

Later, the police got information that when the criminals dumped the driver they drove to Bunyenga village.

Villagers became suspicious of the vehicle since it was speeding on an earth bumpy road and the direction the vehicle was taking leads to a hilly forest.

The villagers organized themselves and followed the vehicle.

Noticing that they were being followed, the criminals dumped vehicle at Bunyenga village in Dzunje hills and run away with the keys leaving the vehicle locked.

No arrest has been made so far.

Meanwhile, Police in the district have applauded people in Bunyenga village for the courage and quick response having noticed something unusual in their locality.


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