Govt pledges to fund anti-human trafficking activities


Government of Malawi has pledged to provide funds for the implementation of Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Act.

Head of planning in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Cosmas Gawani made the pledge during a stakeholder’s workshop for the Establishment of a Trafficking in Persons Fund on Thursday in Lilongwe.

Gawani said the ministry is committed to supporting the implementation of the TIP Act.

He added that the ministry joined hands with the Malawi Network against Trafficking (MNAT) after noting that there is an increase in human trafficking cases in the country.

He expressed hope that the establishment of the TIP fund will encourage development partners to provide funding for the implementation of the TIP Act.

In her remarks, Chairperson of Malawi Network against Trafficking in Person Mandinda Zungu said the establishment of the fund is a positive start in the fight against Trafficking in Persons.

She added that the operationalization of the TIP fund is a wonderful opportunity to put funds in a pocket that is legislatively established.

“Being established by statute, it is such an opportunity that would bring together resources that would drive the public sector response against trafficking in persons.

“We are very grateful to hear that the TIP Fund is regulated in the manner of other public resources and this gives a sense of endurance and permanence,” she said.

Zungu said the network wants to see more money raised through the fund being used for prevention of TIP rather than for investigation and prosecution of human traffickers.

“Not that these matter less but we believe that if we work hard on prevention, we won’t have much investigation and prosecution, which being quite costly, will eat up what we could use differently,” she said.