Man drowns in flooded river

A 43-year-old man has died in Karonga after drowning in a flooded river.

The body of the man, Medson Mweneloghe, was found floating in Kasantha river in Chimalawanthu village in the area of Traditional Authority Kilupula in the district.

According to Police, Mweneloghe was drinking beer at one of the drinking joints at Kasantha Market while it was raining heavily in the area.

Karonga Police deputy spokesperson George Mulewa said the victim disappeared from the drinking place and later was found floating in the nearby river of Kasantha which was overflowing.

Postmortem conducted at Kaporo rural hospital revealed that death was due to suffocation.

Meanwhile, Police in the district are advising people not to travel or cross rivers when it is raining as most areas in the district are still receiving rainfall.

Medson Mweneloghe hailed from Mwangulukulu village Traditional Authority Kilupula in Karonga district.