Malawi doesn’t just need a young President – commentator


Amid debate over the best torchbearer for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) ahead of 2019 polls, a social commentator has urged citizens to vote for corrupt free leaders.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani is of the view that despite calls for President Peter Mutharika to resign and pave way for Vice President Saulos Chilima with a reason that he is a youthful candidate, the country must focus on having leaders that are not involved in corruption.

Onjezani Kenani

Kenani says the country must focus on having leaders that are not involved in corruption..

Kenani added that some presidents can be old but can be able deliver to the expectations of people who voted them into power.

The commentator mentioned South Africa’s former leader late Nelson Mandela as one of the leaders who was corrupt free despite being aged.

He tipped Malawians not to fall in love with age but the capability of delivering what is best for the people.

“On age, I prefer not to be too simplistic. Age on its own is not a problem. A thief at 80 could still have been a thief at 40. Burundi is ruled by a youthful president for all I know, with nothing to show for it. José Mujica was president when he was 75 years old and quit at 80, with the reputation of being the world’s poorest president.

“Nelson Mandela was 76 years old when he became president but he did not steal any rand from his government’s coffers. Let’s not make it sound as if youth, on its own, is the magic wand that will change things. In any case, it is our generation that is stealing a lot from the government. Let us just say these are thieves who have ruined our country and must go, instead of hiding behind the president’s age,” wrote Kenani on Facebook.

Former first lady Callista Mutharika recently urged DPP supporters to have Chilima on the ballot paper for the forthcoming tripartite elections.

Her remarks caused a stir with senior DPP officials organising various press briefings to show the party’s support for President Mutharika while other DPP members also declared support for Chilima.