Govt. will create jobs for college graduates – Dausi

Nicholus Dausi

Government has assured college graduates in the country that it is endeavouring to create jobs for them.

Minister of information and communications technology Nicholas Dausi said this during the graduation ceremony of 563 graduates from Malawi Institute of Journalism (MIJ) at COMESA Hall in Blantyre on Friday.

Nicholus Dausi
Dausi during the graduation ceremony.

“As you are about to face the real world, be assured that Malawi government is endeavouring to create more jobs for you. But let me also encourage you to utilise the skills and knowledge you have gained throughout your studies at MIJ to become media entrepreneurs who can help to create jobs for you and others also. I challenge you to take such risks in your life,” said Dausi.

He added that the graduates must have the hunger for more knowledge by advancing their education further, up to degree, masters and PhD levels.

Dausi also thanked parents and guardians for all the support they have been rendering to the graduates throughout their studies.

“MIJ also deserves pat on the back for the commendable job you are doing in the country by training journalists as well as promoting media independence and professionalism. Your credibility and products speak volumes of you,” he said.

Dausi further highlighted that the current government will provide a media-friendly environment for journalists and it will ensure that newly enacted Access to Information Act should be implemented soon.

He then appealed to the graduating students to exercise utmost professional objectivity and responsibility by avoiding spreading of lies, allegations, promotion of elements of hatred and ethnic biases.

“You have now joined the family of the global media. In that context let us remind ourselves that in our society we have media practitioners who take glory in spreading bad and false news with little regard for the damage they cause to people’s lives and reputation,” said Dausi.