Goodall faces backlash for calling Chilima baby


Minister of Finance Goodall Gondwe is facing backlash for describing Vice President Saulos Chilima as a novice and a baby in state matters.

Reacting to calls for President Peter Mutharika to step down after his first term and allow Chilima to represent the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Gondwe said the presidency requires experienced people not young persons.

Goodall Gondwe

Gondwe has been criticised for calling Chilima a baby.

He added that young people do well in other things but when it comes to running government it is old people who do well.

“Kamuzu used to say government is not for babies and now you want to replace Mutharika with a baby? That is not right,” said Gondwe as quoted by a local daily.

The 82-year-old Finance Minister’s comments have angered Malawians, some of whom have taken to social media to show their disapproval.

Social commentator Onjezani Kenani noted that there are a lot of presidents who are younger than Gondwe which shows that a young person can lead a country.

“Mr Gondwe, you sound as if you are drunk. The president of France is less than half your age. How can you say only the old can be president?” said Kenani.

Facebook user Chilungamo Hunga said Gondwe is one of the people responsible for downgrading Malawi and warned that his comments will backfire since Malawians will not vote for old people in 2019.

“You and your gang have ransacked our future because you have none left for you. When you say “Presidency is not for babies” you have just started something that your old age will not handle. Remember the Young Turks? We aren’t voting for old people anymore. And we will make your old life regrettable,” said Hunga in a post.

Former presidential advisor Allan Ntata said in a tweet that Gondwe’s comment is “another demonstration of arrogance of the DPP”.

“Right Honorable Dr Saulos Klaus Chilima (the Baby in question) is 45yrs. I guess that makes those who are under the age 30 foetuses,” said Economist Henry Kachaje.



  1. Good is very stupid he think that we the youth can not run the government? There are so many youths who are well educate and wish than him

  2. we don’t want old people anymore in government Gondwe and other people u have to go u been working in government since time of kumudzi banda up to now u don’t want to give up and u still need to share positions u old old people only lol all the old people must step down

  3. I think is stupid to use old people like what Gondwe is saying this is atime for young star to show up when u get old as u are at ur age Gondwe u dont think stright that why u talking rubbish as u say

  4. Goodall Gondwe these kind of remark just prove further that you are indeed too old. It’s too empty and not worthy coming from the so called strategic minister. shame on you

  5. I can’t believe that @ the age of 82 hon Minister you are still in Government , that just shows how greedy you are sir. And how can you say the government is not for babies?How old was obama when he became a president of the United States of America? And how old is the president of France? And how old was Joseph Kabira when he became a president? Just to name a few, Its the old people like you that are causing damage to Malawian politics and I don’t even know if your family members are able to positively advise you sir. NOW it’s time for change and I don’t see nothing wrong at all for Saulosi Chilima to become a president of the Republic of Malawi, just remember that no body new that one day saulosi chilima would become a vice president, so be careful with your comments sir as we all don’t know what tomorrow holds for us.

  6. Honourable Gondwe used the word “baby” as a metaphor for sissies, the unbrave, those without voice etc. unfortunately Chilima is all that. There are 20 year olds who definitely behave like adult politicians…..Malemia-like. A firebrand who doesn’t suffer fools. We have here someone in Chilima, who doesn’t even utter a word when people are saying run for the big office

  7. This finance idiot is acting up.
    We got a lot of young presidents not what we are seeing here in our country. Its very strange to have finance minister at your age, that tells a lot of a country without confidence.
    We need Chilima to be a president.
    Gondwe stop defending your opinion in a debate, you got a break down now.
    Its time to demonstrate against you and your fellows.
    Sick and tired of you Gondwe.

  8. Then it means the youth and the so called babies need to vote for fellow youth and babies whilst the adults will vote for their age mates big up lets show down

  9. Malawi is by far away from France when u talk about economy, development u name it……..but France president is 39 yrs old ndiye Gondwe ukufuna itiwuze chani

  10. Mr Gondwe, that’s another goof coming from your old age factor as well. With your old age you are not able to keep up with new ways boys are stealing from government under your nose. We need a young and updated leadership to keep up with the modern vices over public funds. Shame on you mr Gondwe, you have just drive more youth to support chilima presidency cause. Shame on you!!!

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