Stewards worried over crowd control at Mzuzu Stadium


Stewards at Mzuzu Stadium have said it will be tough to control the crowd during games at the stadium since the fence that separates the pitch and supporters is in bad condition.

The TNM Super League is expected to start this weekend with the Mzuzu Stadium hosting two matches.

Mzuzu stadium

Mzuzu stadium

Speaking on Wednesday, Northern Region Supervisor of Stewards Harrison Kawonga said the condition of the fence has made their work tougher since it threatens the security of players and supporters.

“Most of the times we are failing to work properly because the stadium owners are not helping us at all.

“The fence that separates the main ground and the supporters is in bad condition. With the number of our men we can’t manage to control the supporters,” he said.

Kawonga added that due to the damaged fence, spectators who are supposed to sit in the open stands are able to jump to the VIP stands and the stewards are blamed for falling to control the crowd.

He then asked the Mzuzu City Council to repair the fence or replace it with a stronger fence.