Muslims urged to help save MAM headquarters


Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) has asked all Muslims in Lilongwe to contribute to an initiative aimed at saving the association’s headquarters from being sold by an architectural firm.

The request was made by MAM Vice national Chairman Sheikh Yusuf Chibwana during a meeting which the association organized in the district.

Malawi Muslims asked to help MAM.

Sheikh Chibwana said they decided to bring together all leaders from various women organizations in the district to inform them on how they can contribute to the Pulumutsani Quran House initiative.

He observed Muslim women play a large part in Islam and with their commitment they will spread the message to their members.

He then advised them to remove the mentality and views that people have about MAM saying those issues will not help to fundraise the needed money but they should join hands in making some contributions.

According to reports, MAM may be on the verge of losing the legendary Quran House in the city of Blantyre.

MAM had been using the house and the land around it as its headquarters until some two years ago. At present, there is a Musallah at the premises which is used for daily prayers for Muslims working in the city.


According to information gathered by Malawi24, in 2003 MAM leadership wanted to develop Quran House (title number BC46) situated along Livingstone Avenue.

MAM then commissioned Dan Kamwaza for architectural design to a sum of MK13 million but after negotiations, they settled at MK9 million. Unfortunately, this money wasn’t paid on time.

In 2015, Kamwaza went to court and the court ruled that MAM owes Kamwaza MK313 million, being initial amount plus interest accruals. Subsequently, MAM negotiated and the debt was reduced to now MK118 million.


At present, MAM is appealing to all Muslims to assist it in its efforts to raise a total amount of MK118 million in order to save the house and the land around it. This initiative is being co-ordinated by MAM as well as the Muslim Alumni Society (MUAS).

In his remarks at the Lilongwe event, Chairperson of Central Region Pulumutsani Quran House Fundraising Committee, William Ishumael Lapukeni said the work of raising the funds has already started and there are some people who have shown interest to contribute.

Lapukeni said there is hope that the money will be raised because Muslims believe in giving with the little they have.

Speaking on the issue, Jubeidah Kassam said they have received the message and they are ready to contribute.

Kassam of Noor Women Organization said Quran House campaign is not a one person issue but for all Muslims across the country hence the need to work together to protect the house.

Kassam added that she will encourage other members of the group to participate in the contribution for the sake of pleasing Allah.