Joy Nathu is a hater- Wikise


Urban musician Wikise Chawinga has said the award winning radio personality Joy Nathu holds a grudge against him.

The Shabarakatakali star said this yesterday in justification of his songs’ absence on MBC Radio 2 FM, through a Facebook post. He argues that Nathu plays villain in the musician’s efforts to get his music played on the national broadcaster.

Wikise says Joy Nathu hates him.

Chawinga said it all started when he sent a song for airplay on Nathu’s top billing show called Made on Monday. In response, the Disk Jockey refused to play the song on the programme because it has explicit content.

The song which is titled Deliverance is alleged to have been turned down for housing obscene language.

This prompted the artist behind the work to question the DJ’s other choices of songs.

The Lilongwe based musician claims that the issue facilitated bad blood between him and the radio personality.

He added that Nathu influenced other radio personalities at Radio 2 to ignore his songs.

“When I copied and pasted his negative response online, he asked as to why I did that. Then he went on to tell other DJs to throw my songs into the trash barrel,” says the artist in the post.

Joy Nathu

However the controversial artist says all that propelled him to work hard and gain fame without Joy Nathu’s help. He therefore advises his fellow up-and-coming artists to work extra harder even when DJs frustrate their efforts.

“My fellow up-and-coming artist work extra harder when Joy Nathu refuses to play your song on the reasoning that it is bad. Shame him! He was wrong to claim your song is not worth featuring on his programme,” he says.

Malawi24 sought Joy Nathu’s view on the matter yesterday and the celebrated radio man “denied ignoring the musician”.

”I’ve played music by the artist in question kwambirinso. In fact I was the first DJ to play his music on Radio 2 FM on Made On Monday. I’ve even posted his music on my website. And you know I don’t post Nyimbo wamba,” said Nathu.