Lunguzi hails UK parliament: urges Malawi to emulate

Juliana needs to retain her seat.

Dedza East lawmaker Juliana Lunguzi has hailed the informal setup in the British Parliament saying it leads to in-depth debates when members are deliberating issues of national importance.

Lunguzi had the opportunity to observe deliberations in the UK Parliament after attending International summit of politicians against violence of female politicians hosted by UK political parties from 19 -20 March, 2018.

Lunguzi: Our friends are quite ahead.

According to Lunguzi, in the UK Parliament, legislators are allowed more time to speak on issues and are not told to ask a limited number of supplementary questions hence creating an informal set up which allows in-depth debate on issues.She added that Members of Parliament in UK are also well informed on issues being debated in the house.

“So many learning points. Our friends are quite ahead but one thing I admired was the available staff for each Member of Parliament and the amount of time they dedicate to research.

“One thing did stand out, whenever there is a hot issue on the floor there is in-depth research done and materials ready for members to use in the chamber during debate,” Lunguzi said.

During her visit to UK Parliament, Lunguzi observed UK MPs asking questions to Prime Minister Theresa and she also met Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

At the summit Lunguzi attended, over 50 speakers including party leaders, ministers and experts from UN women, Amnesty International, the National Democratic Institute and CARE International discussed the measures to combat violence and intimidation against politically active women.




  1. I guess the tone and robustness of debates can only be set by the 193 honourable members in parliament. Talk to the speaker to check out MP’s who are talking for the sake of talking. Until we have educated MP’s in parliament debates will remain frivolous and laughable. MP’s in the UK have to have degrees before getting elected hence the quality of debates and research of subject matter before submissions. They will be laughed at if the content of their submissions or debates are shallow.

  2. Dont say you learned some positives at all. You just want tolet us know that you went to LONDON. By the way why are you quite these days in parliament? Any way I havent heard anything concerning your wedding? Or are you still enjoying spinsterhood. Hehehehehehehehehehe

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