Assemblies of God clears Chakwera of money theft


Malawi Assemblies of God has moved to sternly deny media reports that the church’s former President Lazarus Chakwera stole money amounting to MK100 Million during his reign.

The statement comes just days after the platform had published the report that made the allegations which the church has trashed as false.

Lazarus Chakwera

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The story published on 11 March 2018 was titled “Assemblies of God wants Chakwera to refund MK100 Million he stole from the Church.”

“This is totally false. The Malawi Assemblies of God Press is governed by a Board, not the church President. Had Dr. Chakwera tried to steal any money from AG Press, the Board would have stopped it, and had any money been found to be unaccounted at the end of Dr. Chakwera’s tenure as President, the Board would have summoned him to account for it,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further questions the inconsistent the story holds as the headline claims Chakwera stole MK100 Million while the story later says he stole hundreds of millions.

In its story, Malawi Voice says Chakwera used to torture pastors but Assemblies of God has refuted the claims.

“As  far  as  the  Malawi  Assemblies  of  God  is  concerned,  Dr.  Chakwera  served  with honor,  integrity,  humility,  and  distinction  as  a  Church  Minister  in  the  Malawi Assemblies  of  God for  30  years  before  joining  frontline  politics.  He  also  served  as President  of  the  Malawi  Assemblies  of  God  for  24  years,  during  which  the  Church thrived  and  grew,  and  continues  to  do  so,  thanks  to  the  contributions  he  made.”

It adds: “Today, though holding no office within the Church, Dr.  Chakwera  is  still  a  licensed, credentialed,  and  ordained  Minister  of  the  Malawi  Assemblies  of  God,  with  all  the responsibilities  thereto  appertaining,  and  is  a  man  in  excellent  standing  with  the Church,” says the statement.

The church has also denied claims that it is involved in Chakwera’s leadership as a politician and that it supports the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which Chakwera leads.

“We  are  a  Church that  does  not  align  itself  politically  with  any  party  or  individual,  not  only  out  of  obligation to  focus  on  our  mission  as  a  church,  but  also  out  of  respect  for  the  freedom  of  our  church members to  exercise  their  constitutional  right  to  engage  in  politics  according  to  the  dictates of  their  conscience,” the church says.

In recent times, MCP has been crying out loud over what it terms as bad publicity.

It recently wrote MACRA complaining over programs aired by MBC. But MACRA reportedly ignored the concerns.

Malawi Voice – said to be run by state linked reporters has over the years been very much critical of any critics of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

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