MCP MPs demand convention in 60 days


Members of Parliament (MPs) of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have said  the party should hold a convention in 60 days.

This was said during a meeting in Malawi’s capital , Lilongwe when the MPs were trashing claims that the leader of the party Dr Lazarus Chakwera is flouting the party’s constitution as said by five party senior gurus.

Lazarous Chakwera

MCP Mps want a convention in 60 days.

Reacting on the claims, the MPs asked MCP National Executive Committee (NEC) to organise a national conference so that everyone should contest for any position.

“We recommend to the National Executive Committee to hold elective national conference, also known as National Convention by March 26, 2018, which is within the 60, day period, as per constitution,” said the MPs.

According to the MPs, the convention will allow MCP members including those who have recently joined the party to contest for any position in the party.

“We endorse 100% the open door policy which Dr Lazarus Chakwera has been advocating, which has seen people from all regions of the country joining the party, and we further encourage them to exercise their democratic right to contest for any position at the convention,” added the MPs.

During the meeting, the MPs also demanded that Secretary General of the party Gustave Kaliwo should be suspended claiming that since he took office in 2013, it seems like he don’t know what he is supposed to do.

The MPs accused Kaliwo of carrying out some duties in the name of the party but without really following the MCP constitution.

Meanwhile, MCP has also scored highly as the country’s football veteran Fischer Kondowe has announced that he will contest as MP in 2019 elections on MCP ticket.



  1. i thought thats what kaliwo has been saying..Do t now that future but be careful about issue of deligents..Otherwise ma injuction ndi zikwanje waiting…

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