Conventions will end political infightings


A political analyst in Malawi has urged parties to hold conventions to end leadership hiccups in the parties in the country.

The sentiments follow political wrangles in main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and People’s Party (PP) over leadership.

Rafiq Hajat

Hajat: has urged political parties to hold conventions.

In MCP, some members are faulting party leader Lazarus Chakwera of being self centered on issues affecting the party.

Chakwera is also being faulted for flouting party constitution by working with people who were not elected by the previous convention.

While in PP,   leadership vacuum has been reported to be the centre of all hitches after former President Joyce Banda went into exile following her defeat in 2014 tripartite elections.

The vacuum has witnessed top members opting for other political parties in the country with others being fired for faulting Banda’s gadget control of the party.

Commenting on political shakeups in parties, political analyst Rafiq Hajat has urged political parties to hold conventions ahead of 2019 polls.

Hajat has further urged party members to call for conventions to end their differences.

“Most political party constitutions could give a provision of extraordinary meeting and conventions whereby some members could sign a petition,” said Hajat.

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