Dowa police hailed


Outgoing Dowa District Commissioner Fannie Msimuko has saluted Dowa police station for being number one in the Central Region of Malawi in crime reduction.

Msimuko said Dowa police station has dedicated officers who are committed to serve their communities despite having one vehicle which was on and off on the road.

MalawiThe police station has since received a new vehicle which Msimuko said will help officers to do better than before.

Speaking during an extraordinary full council meeting held at the boma, Msimuko said the station’s achievement is a pride to the Dowa Council.

She urged the people of the district to support and work together with police officers in ensuring that their areas are being provided with security to protect life and property.

Speaking in an interview at a party organised by the Dowa police station as part of celebrations for being number one in Central Region, the Station’s Officer-In-Charge Deputy Commissioner Owen Maganga said good working relationship with the media in the district has made the station move from number 3, in 2016 to 1 in 2017.

He added that with the support from the Community Policing Forums, the police in the district are able to discharge their duties in a professional manner making communities put trust and confidence in them.

Maganga then appealed to all heads of police stations in the country to create a conducive working environment with the media for the public to access information.

For being the 2017 number one in the Central Region, Dowa police station received a trophy and a certificate while Msakambewa headquarters Community Policing Forum was recognised as the best in the reduction of motorcycle accidents and crime as it covers a large area.

During the ceremony, some Community Policing Forum groups and individual police officers were also awarded with certificates of recognition.

Dowa police reduced crime by 28.6 percent in 2017.