Kumbu addresses blackouts in love song


Musicians at times use their art as a vehicle for addressing pressing issues in the country.

That is the case with singer Kumbu who has incorporated the issue of electricity blackouts into a love song

The singer who has diverted from his old style of doing music to something new and unique, believes the blackouts issue is worth addressing through music.

Kumbu: I want to connect with my fans.

Malawi has been facing power outages since last year due to water level drop in Lake Malawi.

Although the situation is improving with the country experiencing 10 hours of power shortage, the love song which is yet to be released could not overlook the issue.

“I want to connect with my fans and Malawi as a whole, so I had to find a way to talk about electricity blackout. This is because this issue has affected everyone, people are talking about it and there is no need to stop but to get louder,” said Kumbu

The song is titled “Pa Charger” and its storyline is centred on appreciation of a woman’s love.

“Basically it’s a song in which a man is so confident in his woman about how good and positive the woman makes him feel. So somehow he is bragging about this woman.”

According to Kumbu, he plans to release Pa Charger in two weeks’ time. He believes his fans will love the manganje style he has embraced in the song.




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