Woman murdered in Nkhotakota, breast removed


An unknown woman has been found dead with her left breast cut off at Bua river in Nkhotakota district.

The deceased who is between 28-30 years was found in a decomposed state with her left breast chopped off and she also had several deep cuts in the head, hands and on both legs.

knife-bloodAccording to Nkhotakota police deputy spokesperson Paul Malimwe, this occurred at Bua bridge in Chidzuma village in the area of traditional authority Mphonde in Nkhotakota.

Postmortem at Nkhotakota district confirmed the death was due to loss of blood following the cuts the woman sustained.

Meanwhile police have instituted an investigation to bring to book suspects involved in the murder.
Police are also appealing to the general public to assist with any information that can lead to the arrest of the suspects.



  1. All we need in Malawi is sharia law on some of these nasty issues, anthu anasiya kale kale kuopa, ofunika if we catch them kuotcha basi, mwina ena angatengerepo phunziro, if we don’t wake up so fast uxapexeka its yo bredah or sista murdered

  2. u cant be rich by killing some1 pipo be civilized look at whites they cn ran big companies without blood shed why we black are in obsessed with fast money work hard God will provide

  3. That area is notoriousl for those murders. I know those areas start from Lozi to msenjele. Body part harvesting is common. Police knows those people doing that and people know them their leaders. Some have trucks in Malawi but no one can go close bcoz they have money and buy police. They are famous there

  4. Kodi timenyana nkhondo ndi adani angati my beloved nation Malawi? Ndimaona ngati nkhondo yolimbana ndi zingozi za pa misewu yathu ndiyokwanila koma anthu oyipa mtima mwayambaso kupha anzanu osalakwa! May her innocent blood testify against you sons of the devil!

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