Three arrested over murder, removing private parts


Police in Chikwawa are keeping in custody three men who are suspected of killing two people and chopping off their private parts.

Police have identified the suspects who committed the offense in separate incidents as Benito Patrao, 24, Damiyano James, 21, and Moses Ndaluza, 32.

LilongweConfirming the development, Chikwawa police station spokesperson Constable Benjamin Foster said the suspects were arrested on Sunday after police investigations were done.

Foster said Patrao and James who hails from Chafudzika Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Ndakwera, on the night of 30 November murdered 20 year old Frank Yakobe and later cut off his private parts.

“In the second incident which occurred on the same night at Julius Village in T/A Makhwira in the district, Ndaluza is suspected to have murdered the 70 year old man only known as Kaphelaphela in his rented house,” said Benjamin.

He also said the deceased who was a traditional herbalist was found without private parts and a right arm.

Meanwhile, the three have been charged with murder and will be taken to court soon after the completion of paperwork.



  1. Death penalty will stop all this shit happening in our God fearing country. Jehova said do not kill,i hate you who kill to become rich….disgusting way of life.

  2. amenewo muwapane kwambiri, muwatengere kasinja anthu achabechabe. awulure yemwe akuwatuma, zitsiru zopanda nzeru agulukunyinda, akhakhakha.

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