Six beat up agricultural extension worker


Police in Kasungu have arrested six men for assaulting and wounding an agricultural extension worker.

The assault occurred due to misunderstandings over Farm and Inputs Subsidy program (FISP) coupons.

MangochiPolice have identified the suspects as Madalitso Matanje, 34, Danken Bahuwa, 41, Patson Banda, 34, Levison Phiri, 42, Stonard Matanji, 20, and Kalirani Phiri aged 25.

Kasungu Police Deputy Public Relations Officer Harry Namwaza said the suspects beat up Chilalire accusing him of messing up with the list of beneficiaries who were supposed to receive coupons.

Namwaza added that the suspects were alleging that Chilalire was responsible for the missing of their names on the list.

“They therefore mobilized themselves to deal with the victim. Upon finding him, they assaulted and wounded him,” he explained.

Later, Police launched enquiries on the matter after the victim had lodged a complaint to them.

According to the publicist, the four were arrested on November 22 while the other two were apprehended on 24 the same month.

The six will answer the charges of unlawful wounding which is contrary to Section 241(A) of the Penal Code.

They will appear in court soon when enquiries are completed.

The six suspects come from Chikoza village, Traditional Authority Wimbe in Kasungu district.



  1. mukatumidwa kukagwira ntchito kumamidzi mumafuna muzizimva kumalalatire anthu.azikupandani choncho mumaonjeza ma field worker.villagers are also human beings like u and they derseve to be respected.

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