Shemu Joyah working towards Malawi movie industry’s growth


Malawi’s iconic movie director Shemu Joyah has underlined the need for the local movie industry’s growth having featured new faces in his latest product.

His latest work entitled the Road to Sunrise, which was launched early this month, is a fusion of old and new blood in the film industry.

Shemu Joyah
Shemu Joyah: There is need for growth in the local movie industry.

It is enriched with a storyline that calls for a youthful main character.

Joyah told Malawi24 on Tuesday that his choice of youthful characters is not aimed at sidelining top movie faces but to expose others, for the industry’s growth.

“I understand top actors like Hope Chisanu were given minor roles, but the nature of the story does not allow him to fit into the main character’s shoes. It requires someone youthful, hence the choice of Shoti,” he said.

All new faces that were trusted with roles in the fiction were selected through auditions. This was done in order to have befitting characters for the roles.

The storyline embodies a feminist point of view. It revolves around the theme of women empowerment, with respect to how women can uplift each other.

The director draws motivation to produce movies in this realm from his nature. Shemu said he is feministic since one of the people he came out from is a woman.

“I can say am feministic because I came out from a man and a woman. This means half of me is a woman,” said Joyah
His first two movies, Seasons of Life and the Last Fishing Boat, also bear strong themes of feminism. However they target all genders.

The latest movie has enjoyed screening at a number of glamorous events. When it screened at the Silicon Valley Film Festival in the United States of America, from 31st September to 1st October, it was recognised as the best narrative feature film.

With more positive feedback pouring in for the movie, it is expected to earn more international recognition.



  1. Bg up Mr Shemu,gve credit where it is due ,putting Malawi on the map,competition with Nollyhood and Hollywood producers is not a joke,lets be appreciative ,our own movies are educative and portray our culture rather those with a lot violence,guns,porngraphy etc best buy Malawian.

  2. Great man. Have ever watched his new movie Premiere , Road to Sunrise. It’s massive. Leonard Phiri Jr., have you watched it? It will be premiered in Lilongwe BICC on 3rd Dec I guess. Have a feel of it and can here to say what you feel u can say

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