Kamlepo: PP met Mutharika to save Joyce Banda from arrest

Joyce Banda & Oswald Lutepo

…APM accepts to protect JB

Peoples Party (PP)’s vice president Kamlepo Kalua has disclosed PP is forging an alliance with Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in order to save Joyce Banda from cashgate-related arrest.

Kamlepo also disclosed that President Peter Mutharika has guaranteed to shield Joyce Banda against any arrest when she returns following the meeting that PP members of Parliament had with President Mutharika at Kamuzu Palace last Sunday.

Joyce Banda
Joyce Band on wanted list

“PP went to meet President Mutharika to plead with him so Joyce Banda can return home without facing arrest. Our party is disintegrating because our leader is away; parties are poaching MPs from PP. We want our leader to come so we can keep the party intact,” said Kamlepo  in an interview with Times Radio.

Joyce Banda, founder and president of PP, has been in self-imposed exile following her loss of the 2014 presidential elections.

She is reportedly on Malawi’s most wanted list for corruption after presiding over a large-scale looting of public resources which became known as the Cashgate scandal. A forensic report by independent auditors established that over K550 billion was stolen during the 2 years that she was president.

Several senior government and PP officials have named her as the big fish and the primary beneficiary of the loot, leading the Malawi Police to issue her warrant of arrest.

Peter Mutharika has on several times called on Joyce Banda to return home to answer for her charges.

But Kamlepo Kalua revealed that the PP entourage reportedly led by Mr Roy Kachele-Banda successfully bargained President Mutharika for Joyce Banda’s immunity.

“In his own words President Mutharika said that Joyce Banda will not be arrested when she returns” said Kalua

According to Kalua, Nankhumwa facilitated the meeting which, as part of the bargain, will see PP back government bills in Parliament.



  1. Our country not 4 muthalika,ngt mungakhululukirane nonse muzapitira limoz 2019, tatopa nanu agalu inu!! Mukanene kut amukhululukire anaba mnyumba mwake?? Kapena zababake??

  2. Nothing is wrong here.Let her come and fight the chewabelt.Kamulepo cant forget the misiries he faced while in exile.This was because of mcp.Joice is one of the founding member of dpp and she was instrumental in that land stride victory dpp had in 2009.If she can come back to support dpp,forget mcp coming back to rule Malawi.They have taken their campaign too far.Its nice that the speaker did what he did otherwise the whole session would be filled with vulgar words against the president.
    Dpp has its on strategic plans .Chisakomere mbuzi kusumba garu .Where was Mr.Mia at first?Joice Banda come back.Kamuzu died in his home country after slaughtering many innocent people .

  3. This is the moment I have realized that MCP is now a smart party. They never talked of any alliance with PP. Let that DPP/PP alliance go on and see how you will fall

    1. PP has no gunuine supporters.only those who symphathised with JB and those who rode the tide after Bingu’s death.a clear testmony is how it faired during the recent by-elections

  4. A Muthalika A Landila Chiphuphu Kuchokela Ku PP kut aJB asamangidwe.Paja Lamulo Liposa Phamvu Amenewa ANT.C.B.afufuze.

  5. Abwele awone wayiwala pazana chidya makoko sichiiwala koma chidya nyemba siuja amafuna kummanga Peter ameneyi lelo akuti chani

    1. Ndipo afike unyolo paja sukhala ndi president koma apolice.and alliance sikhunzana ndi dziko izo ndizachipani chawo zaife ngati wanthu ndi ndalama zomwe anadya mayiwa abwereeeee

  6. Wawa malawi wawa DPP kp up.wina apse mtima by 2020 malawi will be under one party rule all young parties will unite.and PP musanyadire iyo ndi nyambo yokolera m’dani.APM is a law master so akuziwa bwino kuzilanga zitsiru.mk550 billion its more money sangakukepeni mayi.angofuna akukokeni mubwere akupaneneni akutsekereni 2019 elections no chance ok.wait and see 2019 DPP ikulowanso

  7. Anthony Kawinga, i’m with you on that point, what we need now is for our Malawi Army to come in. These leaders re playing fools with Malawians, bcoz they know we have no one to our side. People re just come in, corrupt our Government fiscals, step aside and come again in another form. We demand just in every leader, starting from former President himself, his former Cabinet Ministers to the current regime. Lets be united Malawians, lets do what other sister countries re doing. No one will come and Liberate us from these Thieves of ours. Lets put our differences aside and focus for our future generations. Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce, Peter and all former and current ministers must be charged for their corrupt activities done by them. We plea to Malawi Army to assist us in this one and defend their citizens from these crooks. If not, we will get assistance( help) from Ecowas, Sadc, AU and UN to help us.

  8. Hon Kamlepo Kalua Don’t be fooled by any fake alliance stories with DPP. Whoever wants to join DPP from PP should do so but should not drag some of us, as Vice President of PP in the north and as Rumphi East MP I put the following on the agenda through our spokesperson when we met the president: 1. DPP should Stop harrasing Livingstonia synod clergy with fake court issues 2. Quota system 3. Njakhwa Chitimba road 4. Harrasment of JB 5. All unfinished projects in the north and discrimination of the north I am PP and I do not wish to be part of any alliance with DPP or any other party. I.believe this is a stand shared by most MP’s from the northern block of which I am Vice president of. Those who wish to go work with other parties may do so quietly.8 hrs · PublicLike React Comment Share

  9. if that is the story ndiyekuti mwatitenga amalawi ngati machende anuwo…ndanyasidwa nanu mudzafa IFA yowawa…watch out for the lebals party coming soon!

  10. So you telling me Joyce banda she is gonna get away with it?Our leaders they are playing with our minds,that’s why I don’t vote,am pleading with you government officials you can steal as you want,no one will arrest you. Stupid leadership

  11. Wait a minute!! Can you say that again? Is this really what Hon. Kalua said or he has been quoted out of context?Will reserve my comments till verified.

  12. Whatever transpired was therefore illegal..lobying president to violate consitution is illgal, if president accepts then he is an complice to illegal conduct.
    This is extremely below par of any ‘honourable’ person.

  13. Mukadzabanso ine sindidzavomeleza ndipo yense amene ndizamudziwe kuti amasapota inuyo anthu akubanu ndithu zikoli adzalimva kuwawa,

  14. My foot, I had hope that Kalua was a man of principles. From today he should not talk about the 7 cabinet ministers whom he ‘wrongly purpotedly accused of wrong doing . Mark my words, Kalua has finished himself like Mugabe coz of of this wrong move .

  15. Justice must be done on Joyce Banda failing which,I won’t vote for anyone till the end of my time .Why do you want to shield Joyce Banda? Now it’s all about you but not about the whole country?

  16. Absolutely rubbish!! Boma ngati litakhala serious pankhani yothetsa zakatangale,likhoza kuyambila amend akulamula panoyo,kumunjata ngati atapezeka wolakwa.Vuto anthu ambiri sitidziwa kuti akati boma ndichiyani.Boma ndi anthu kapenakuti nzika zadziko.Ndipo nzikazo ndizomwe zimamupatsa ntchito mtsogoleri kudzela kuma Vote.Ndichifukwa chake amati mtsogoleri wolamula dziko,(anthu)Kapolo wathu.Tsopano wantchitoyo akakubelani ndiudindo wa anthu kumunjata wosawopa ayi,ndalama ndizathu,awa ndiganyu chabe.Koma ngati nzika ndizogonatulo andale ngati awa adzapitilizabe kutipula chuma chadziko inu mukanagona.

    1. Daudi, inetu ndaphunzura chinthu chofunika kwambiri pazomwe zachitika Ku Zimbabwe.Mtsogoleri ngati akuchita zachamba,amalandila mphamvu chifukwa cha ma soldiers, komaso a police.Ndichifukwa chake mwawona kuti RGM sanalimbe,chifukwa anthu amene amamutetezawo anatopanaye,kamba kowona kuchuluka kwaumphawi mdziko.Atsogoleri asamatenge nzika kukhala mbuzizake chifukwa chakuti amadalira asilikali ndi a police,nawoso alindi abale awo kumamidziko amavutikaso.Leaders must nt take their people for granted.

  17. I start to be more allergic to this govt. What is DPP hiding by putting all parties ruled during democracy? So that’s why we don’t see the outcomes of Bakili corruption cases? And now is after covering JB cashgates SO THAT that K577b should just end natural death.

    Hopefully, there is huge some of money this regime has squandered. Malawians, we are in a very big problem with our politicians and if your brain works normally you can find why our presidents always want the predecessor to be arrested. Simply, the successor wants to embezzle our money without the one who has knowledge disturbing. DEVILS ARE ON THE STEERING WHEEL

  18. So after you have saved one another you expect malawi to dance to your tunes?? Get a life not in these years , will take you out of your seats and you will be meeting in your villages.

  19. Guyz amalawi anachangamuka olomugwilane manja palibe kuwina 2019.musamatipusise inu mmalo mosataza cashgate mwayambakutipusisaife? Mmawa mutiuza kuti onse okhuzidwandimlandu wacashgate mwawakhulukira zimenezondiyezachambazo

  20. l wonder if this post is really true… Is Kamlepo really revealing that the whole aim of the alliance is to shield her boss, is that in good faith??? l cant understand why he tells us openly while he is in the same boat, and on the steering wheel for that matter

  21. dpp had already forgotten how jb dragged dpp name in mad.why alliance with pp and what for? we want our money that jb and her pp siphoned from govt coffers not your crocrodile alliance.

  22. Now I See. The Presidency Of This Country Can Not Move Away From South. This Alliance Is Just Nothing But Making Sure That Northerners Or Central Remain In Opposition

  23. Zopusa, zamkutu, zamanyi, zauchitsiru basi. Ife tikuvutika kupereka misonkho, mukaba kenaka muziberekana. Tiwonana 2019. ndizavotera independent President.

  24. Amalawi tiyeni tingoyesa kuvotera MCP pa 2019 , zinazi zafika popwetekesa mutu , dzulo mati ndiwakuba , lero asintha afuna ayendere limodzi, miandu sikuoneka kutha kwake, ndiye ndi chani chimenechi, amalawi tiyeni tiganize bwino, anthu samayenda awiri asanapangane, kalipo-kalipo. atikonzekera , tikaphonya 20- 20 kuzakhale kulira ndi kuchecheta mano.

  25. Opposition always makes noise about fighting corruption… what is it that they want about mama Joy..not be question? sometimes just make ordinary citizens to be insane.

  26. It goes without saying that poor citizens are suffering because of these greed of politicians. I remember one popular musician ‘LUCIUS BANDA’ who sang “anthu awa ndi maguy zawo ndizimodzi”

  27. Don’t lose the little trust Malawians have in JB and her PP!!! This is misguided!!! What is JB afraid of, if she claims to be innocent? Let her come, get arrested and prove in court and to all Malawians that her hands are clean!!! Don’t give Malawians a chance to believe that JB was part of the looting gang!!!

  28. 2019 palibe chipani chomwe ndiza votele apa Mcp ndimadana nayo, Dpp ikundigoneka mudima, pp sindimayikonda, udf inatha kalekale

  29. Chomwe chinandisangalatsa ine ndi chakuti mabvoti adziwelengedwa pa station pompo ndikulemba figure komanso mu wards,amatibera anthu awa onani 5:1

  30. …”conflit of interest”…i thought cashgate is a national issue.Now at the expense of Malawians u connive to seal it coz of your political interest??…’thats stupid’…and u will need the same Malawians to vote for u???..’thats bullshit’.

  31. If these parties won’t form alliance I don’t see a party to vote for. I can’t vote for Lazarus, unless MCP is lead by someone else.

    1. I might not be in Malawi today but tomorrow and forever will be in Malawi. Don’t worry I’ll convince you guys to stop supporting whom you’re supporting, you are all mine!

    2. wr all your??? iwe ndwe opusa etti? kagwere uko,ukudziwa mavuto amene tikudutsamo a malawi? usamayankhule ngati wakhunyu wava!! ngati bambo ako or amako amaba misonkho yathu kuti uziyankhula motonyoka useyi wava,anthu akuvutika !!! idiot!!!

  32. I must say its very hypocritical. When its the other side you shout from roof tops for arrests but because its your Joyce then you are begging and pleading for government not to throw the book at her? Who will stand for the laws of this country.

    1. A Ben kusapota kwinaku kumakhala ngati chizowezi osadziwa cheni cheni mukusapotera chipanicho,inu m’mene zinthu ziliripa malawipa chiyambileni chamkulu uyu mungaloze chomwe chikuyenda??kuba osamangana,ana axool kutsekeredwa xool zawo mwaiwala,bwampini kupita kuja mpaka miyezi chonsecho zomwe ankapitila zitatha kale simunaone kapena kumva? Magetsi kuzimazima simukudziona?? Bank ija adaguitsayi ndalamazinanka ku???cashgate,maizegate,escomgate,Tevetagate,malatagate what else dou want to know Mr??? Ucadet siwabwino.

  33. Yehova Mulungu Amaika Zinthu Zobisika Pa Mte,te,te. Time Up For Dpp!! Munthu Wa Nzeru Sangakavotere That Stupid Alliance. Kupangana Shield Pa Milandu Ndi Cholinga Chofuna Kupambana Chisankho? Mad Pipo Will Vote Fr That Alliance. WAKE UP MALAWI!!!

  34. This is bullshit alliance
    What is it that she run away from?
    Let her be tried by the court and if found guilty be punished.
    Remember its poor people’s money that is in question.
    Anthu okuba nkhuku akuvutika mma prison and here we are talking of Billions of kwachas and the govt want to set her free in the name of alliance and useless bills in parliament.
    Woke up Honey kamlepo Kalua!
    Otherwise I can see an alliance of thieves and the prince of thieves himself being an architect
    My poor Malawi

  35. mu 2014 amkat ngat mukufun kudziw amene anaba ndalama za boma tivotel dpp lelo ndi izi akufun kumuika mkhwapa j.b why?

  36. Thats madness now.If thats the case,which means she really syphoned our tax payers money.Are these alliances genuine or just to shield individuals who are in the wrong side of the law ?

  37. These guys must consider that claimed blunders made by Joice Banda was not based on political grounds or against DPP, why saving her just because of politics?…….If she wronged DPP as a party, then that can make sense, but if She wronged Malawians as a nation, why politically saving her?…Note that the cashgate issues is not for DPP or any particular party, this is a national concern and politics should be avoided at any cost. Let justice prevail at its best.

  38. amalawi sitinavinidwe thats why ngakhale ntchentche timaiopa…… Ndanena izi xhifukwa to the guys are play with our badget mmawa tiagwadilaso omwewo mmalo Moti mw isinthe ikusintha ndindalama izi nde zopusa kwambiri

  39. Mxieew.A Dpp kutitengera a malawi ngati ana.Ngati muli ndi umboni kuti anabadi ndalama bwanji wosamumanga Jb yo mufuna kumuteteza pazifukwa za ndale.Mutiseweretse a malawi both dpp and pp

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