Villagers vandalise school


Villagers in Mchinji vandalised Magawa Secondary School in the district accusing students at the school of assaulting community members.

The fracas occurred on Monday when villagers from the area of Senior Group Village Headman Kamwendo maliciously damaged property at the school.

According to preliminary police investigations, it has been established that the villagers were angry with reports of assault cases involving some students who were accused of attacking villagers who trespass at the school.

In an interview with Malawi24, Mchinji police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino said the vandals ruined glasses of 3 teachers’ houses, 2 learning blocks, boys and girls hostels at the school.

According to Lubrino, the villagers also damaged a rear windscreen of a police vehicle for Mchinji Police station that responded to the fracas.

“Following the chaos, the police on November 21 engaged the school administration, the community, political leaders, faith leaders, traditional leaders, and other stakeholders for an emergency meeting at Kamwendo to seek solutions on how the issue could be addressed,” Lubrino said.

Speaking during the meeting, Station Officer Davie Mtete (Assistant Commissioner of Police) strongly condemned the perpetrators saying the behaviour derails national development.
He said the two parties involved should seek other avenues of sorting out their complaints.

Commenting on the issue, Education Manager Abraham Sineta expressed worry over increased cases of school vandalism in the district.
He called on community, students and all stakeholders to take a leading role of protecting school facilities.

In his remarks, Senior Group Village Headman Kamwendo, regretted the poor mentality and mindset of the perpetrators and further pleaded with the law enforcers to investigate the issue promptly.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested three people in connection to the issue and are hunting for the rest of people who fuelled the fracas.

The suspects will answer charges of inciting violence and malicious damage.



  1. Enanu mungoyankhula zosadziwika chikadakhala kut adavulidwa ndi mayianu sibwezimukutero coz amangochita chipongwe aliyese wodutsa ndi njila ngakhale ndi ana a primary omwe.

  2. Very Concerned With This Act Of Vandalism.Initialy let me say from both side chiding is so vital,reaching this level.The Villagers Should Not Consider Vandalism Is a solution,what they must plant in their minds is that they are iginating hiccups in the education sector in their area,pondering carefully before action is so cruncial here in Malawi.Malawi Is Poor,why Fueling Already Blazing Fire?Shame On You The Community.To You Students,pachichewa Pali Mau,pamudzi Pakakhala Pa Zitsiru Mkamwini Asamakulirepo Mwendo,you Hav To Respect the community and their culture despite the level of education you are holding.In Malawi Alot Of People Are well Educated But They Cann’t Do Those Unfruitful Manners.Check On That One.

  3. All of u who are comenting here u were once astudent somewhere.U once provocked,insulted someone on ur time.All what u should know is that every student is childish all what he does brings regret eventually. What ever happened the solution would ve bn contact and dialogue rather than vandalism. Who do u think wll suffer? is obvious villagers and their children.Am also not happy with chiefs of that area for just being idle to the villagers who did this coz instead of fostering devlpment they hv derailed it, am saying this coz another fand will be needed to mentain the school.The ring leaders who did this will be involved coz instead of toiling for their family they will toil to remburse the amount of damaged property. Stupid villagers and their chiefs sakukunamizirani kut koma gule osat maphunziro.Had t bn u like educstion u would’nt ve done nonsense like this that have lnconvenienced the who country, ur children as well as urself.

    1. Do you have all information about what makes villagers to vandalise that schl? Do you know how those stupid students did to community? You are useless stupid!!!

    2. ur stupid 1000times eventhough students did bad things to the villagers or assault the villagers in wht way u think, they could ve report the mattr to police or their teachers rather than vandalism, wt have u benefitted there akangwingwi?

  4. Desperate pple take desperate measures,to me this isnot a solution,know that it ‘ll take tym govt to build another xool for u, yur children & other children,coz i can’t say that all the student r involved in such mapractice.100% stupid

  5. kkkk magawa imatchuka ndinkhani zauchitsiru komano school zapanozi zikusiyana ndizakale kodi kuliboarding? if not anawo ali pachiopsezo zaozimenezo aziyamba okha azimalize okha

  6. Good, I support the villagers, having a development of a secondary school in a Community should not bring problems to the villagers, Magawa is not the only school here in malawi, its not even among the good schools here in MW, we have best schools and well desprined students, so what is Magawa sec school?

  7. Ana apamagawa chipongwe 2 much.m’pakana kumavula azimai a ccap atamadutsa popita kutchalitchi,kufika pogwililira m’tsikana wa primary m’paka kumuvulaza kuwuza a head kupezeka kt amawabisa ndipomwe panabwela chisokonezo chathana nawo.l’heard from my friend there at kamwendo police post

  8. Ignorant villagers zomwe mumadziwa inu ndi kuvina magule amakolo anu basi that’s why nchinji produces a lot of thieves

    1. You must be very stupid you can not say that it produces a lot of thives , it produces a lot of food to this country zaakuba akowo amachokera kubalaka mwachidule kummwera athu odziwa kumangoberekana opanda ma plan inu

    2. YES amabwera kumene ko coz there are alot of fools like you omagumula sukulu mmalo molanga ana you are the first villager in the world to do such a stupid thing shame on you

    3. Paka kupanga vandal as villagers the chiefs so to say sitting down with some elders to have solutions in a manner of being anthu ozindikila…though i dont know about this school still my question could be this school does it not gives opportunities for some children from that village

    4. yes indeed,u must be very stupid masina,magawa inayamba kuvuta kale kale kumasokineza community,ur a fool,the people from mchinji are hardworkers wava! ndwe ipusadi iwe etii!

    5. Kumeneko NDE kupusako kukula konseko akukanike kupanga control ana a sukulu?? Kuntha nzeru mpaka kugumula sukulu KKKKK nonse ndi opeperadi eti

  9. Ku Mulanje ena awononganso Mitawa 1 Primary ati kamba koti ophunzira amakomoka. Kuba mabuku, soya , kuphwanya ofesi komanso ma class, kuvulaza apolisi. Is this the solution to problem? Penapake amalawi timachita over react pa nkhani za ziiii.

  10. Yes nice move Magawa acts as a Barracks not a school for along time many Malawians knows this but Muluzi,Bingu,Joyce and Peter all have failed to control it.So just burn the school to avoid future problems eg deaths.

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