Minister angry with criticism against Mutharika


Malawians’ criticism of their President is not making those around him happy at all. Now they demand that the President be appreciated.

Minister of civic education, culture and community development Grace  Chiumia has told Malawians that they should stop criticising President Peter Mutharika and start appreciating the developments  his government is doing for the nation.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia: Stop criticising Mutharika.

Chiumia made the remarks in Parliament on Thursday in Lilongwe.

She said Members of Parliament must also learn to bring tangible issues into the house rather than crushing the policies which are helping Malawi.

She further said people must respect the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government for the developments projects it is implementing which she said  have changed the face of Malawi.

“We have seen the face of Malawi change and even in our constituencies have changed what else do you want,”  said Chiumia.

She stressed that it’s always painful to see some MPs claiming that there are no development projects in their areas yet there are some projects that have commenced.

Chiumia said President  Mutharika also encounters the same pain when citizens say there is nothing on the ground that the leader is doing.

“Honourable members and Malawians it’s high time, let us appreciate what has been done in this country and believe me  one thing which am happy with is that we have a leader who is very patient and he doesn’t answer whatever  we may talk about him,” she said.

The Nkhatabay West legislator added that God should forgive Malawians for saying no to some developments.

She then urged  fellow MPs to use Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to bring developments  to their areas.

Recently, leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera said in his speech that Mutharika and his government have failed to do what they promised Malawians during  campaign.

Members of the August house are still discussing the motion of the president’s address which he made during the opening of the 47th session of Parliament  on 10th November.




  1. Anduna Aiwala Kut Amene Akuwachosa Ulemu big Man Ndi Anthu Ake Omwewa Amene Akumafika Chifupi Ndikumpando Wa chifumuwo.Ulemu Umaperekedwa Kwaoyenera Ulemu Kkk.

  2. It is not good to provoking our President that’s true in the same manor,why the Rulling Party considered 5 goals to 1 by the opposition parties,that means the Government should be alert,specially Electricity problem corrupt not taken to book,wooooooif continue like the way it is, definatilly the opposition will take chances.What is the Government doing concerning Electricity?My advise,try to sort those problems and tthe appreciation will come without any demand,all we need service delivery that’s all, God bless our President and the nation too.

  3. Unlike in dictatorial governments, respect for leaders” is a very expensive virtue in democratic societies. It is something a leader must work for. It doesn’t come on a silver platter.

  4. This not the time baba we were in dark for so long from kamuzu Banda regime bakili muluzi bingu joice Banda it’s enough we need to take actions now

  5. Is there anything to appreciate? can a person appreciate mbava? Wandale is better than DPP Ministers and their president. odwala inu.

  6. Tiyamuyamikila bwanji galu wachabe chabeyu ntchito ma empty promises., kuzimbabwe mpaka pano sakudziwabe kuti president wawo ndi ndani koma magetsi akuyaka ife kuno president ali phwiii koma magetsi chaoneleni dzana.

  7. I think she is mentally sick and she needs to meet a professional docter for a proper medication… What kind of tangible development is she talking about? Let citizens criticise on the matters that affect their lives negatively there by expressing their feelings…… You have to know that we can’t understand our problem unless someone tells it to us@ccter use logic and not emotions when having speech in public or you better say nothing if you have got nothing to speak… If you were under prioticism to your country I do hope you could not say a such nonsensical thing that only urges Malawians’ anger towards their request…people are suffering out there pomwe inu you just enjoying with their taxi money benefitting our strength… Mmm that’s why Malawi is born poor and will die poor because those inhabitants are stupid. Let people practise their right of expression peacefully… We would not stop telling the truth until you let all our demands met who does she think she is to stop us from doing it?

  8. Who can appreciate notorious presedent like mutharika?only those who sorounded him and his nephews and nices at kamoto and other areas

  9. Give us at least 5 tangible things he has fullfilled from his manifesto….which really Malawians are benefiting from…..
    Otherwise the people surrounding him must appreciate, coz they are bzy pocketing tax payer’s money without being probed or audited..
    We will criticize Him till we see fair changes in social services ,when corruption diminishes by prosecuting those involved regardless of any political party, Etc …

  10. Munthu woganiza bwino bwino sangayankhule ngati grace chiumia chifukwa momwe anthu akubvutikilamu iye ndikubwebweta zopusa zakezo

  11. Work in silence and let success talk for you,insulting someone in his or her failure doesnt make you a saint, Malawians lets learn to respect our leaders,

  12. I think this Minister is also Stupid. She must also go to Hell with her Stupid President. I wil ask the Malawian Army to do wat Zimbabwean Army have done.

  13. Appreciated for nonsese. Let him stop corrupition, arrest those involve in $500billion, 7 ministers + chaponda, electricity. Then we can start to appreciate. Chakwera is trying to keep u in gorvenment if only ur president do what he says, then pple will not look at Chakwera to be thier next president because the sitting president is doing good to his pple but the way things are the sitting president is a tarented big idiot

  14. Demanding from who. I am saying I don’t appreciate it so what. If those around him get benefits then we are not demanding them to hate him. But for us we have rights to appreciate what we know and we want.

  15. Only those thieving ministers can apprciate what this president is doing and they always blindfold him for their benefits.

  16. A very dull minister, we’re languishing out here while you’re enjoying every moment … mbeu tinalima tikusowa kokagulisa, tikusowa k500 yeniyeni kuti tigule soap and you say kuti tiziwombera m’manja chilombo chomwe chifuna kutipha?

  17. Aaah zaziii how can we appreciate him when he is doing nothing to deserve appreciation. Minister ngati malungo athawira Ku ubongo please kaonaneni ndi dotolo.

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