TA, villager arrested over bloodsucking rumours


Traditional Authority Katunga of Chikwawa and one villager have been arrested in connection with the bloodsucking allegations that led to violence in the district.

The violence left one lodge in the district damaged.

BlantyreChikwawa police spokesperson Foster Benjamin said Katunga, whose real name is Stephano Katunga, 49, was arrested alongside 39-year-old Chalamanda Gilibati bringing to four the number of suspects in the Kasinthula Lodge saga.

According to Benjamin, the traditional leader has since been released on bail pending a court appearance within a week.

He has been charged with inciting violence.

Police in the district are continuing to warn the public against spreading false rumours pertaining to bloodsucking allegations as no evidence has shown that anybody has had their blood sucked.



  1. Kodi anthu mungoti eee opopa magazi alikuti??nanga ineyo ndikusemphananao pati koma akanadziwa mmene ndikuwafunilamo

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