Juju beliefs worry Bingu Stadium management


Just days after the Blantyre derby between Be Forward Wanderers and Nyasa Big Bullets at Bingu National Stadium, the management of the facility has complained to Super League of Malawi (Sulom) after discovering foreign materials placed on the pitch.

According a statement made available to Malawi24 and signed by the Stadium’s Operations Manager Eric Ning’ang’a, the foreign materials were observed after both teams had trained on the ground prior to the much anticipated derby.

Juju found at BNS.

According to the letter, kitchen salt, sweet potato vine leaves, charcoal, pork and pork oil were found on the pitch with much concentration on the centre mark.

“On Friday, 27th October 2017 both teams were allocated time to feel the pitch. Be Forward Wanderers at 10am to 11am and Nyasa Big Bullets from 2:30pm to 3:30pm after both teams had trained on ground, we observed the following items on the pitch; kitchen salt, sweet potato vine leaves, charcoal, pork and pork oil all over the pitch with much concentration on the center mark.

“We observed that the soil on the center of the pitch had been disturbed, when the hole at the center of the pitch was dug a piece of pork wrapped in a black plastic paper was found,” reads part of the statement.

Ning’ang’a then warned teams to do what they are only required to do to avoid attracting the wrath of the management.

“We would like to condemn this behavior in strongest terms and caution the responsible parties that this sort of unprofessionalism will not be entertained at the facility.

The teams are asked to only do what they are required to do on the pitch without tampering with the ground nor surrounding areas. Such acts compromise the quality of the pitch which is supposed to be protected at all cost being a national asset.

The pitch being natural grass need to be carefully taken care of and application of salt and oil has serious negative effect on grass growth.

“Management in collaboration with security agents such as Police will not hesitate to take action on anyone found perpetrating this,” reads the letter.

The match ended 1-all.

Juju believes have taken center stage of Malawian football.



  1. Zonsachitanso kufunsa kuti ndi ndani wapanga zimenezo, ankhumba tonse timawadziwa, chomvetsa chisoni ena mommo ndi asilamu omwe safuna kugwira kapado, zoopsa kobasi,…

  2. Ndimadabwatu kut Anoma mphanvu yofanana ndi NBB anaitenga kut?popeza Anoma amangogonja mu league akakumana ndi NBB ndiyekut juju inalidi ya noma

  3. The problem is with fam. How can they allow kananji without caf A licence to coach a super league club. He is depending on juju for bullets’ success.

  4. Oyendetsa bwalo limeneli sakudziwa kuti mpira wa pa Malawi umayenda bwanji. ( ndi ana pa nkhani za mpira)

    Iwo osangosangalala kuti bullets ndi koma are the only team omwe akumawapatsa ndrama zambiri bwanji?

    What is the point of petitioning sullom and FAM. NDE akufuna kuti a FAM atani.

    Tiziti oyendetsa bwaloli sapita kea sing’anga? Nkuthrkanso kuti analembedwa ntchitoyo after atapita kea sing’anga.

    Osamadandaula za zimenezi. Umenewo ndiye mpira wa mu Africa muno baba.

    Leave bullets and noma alone. Be happy kuti these giants are helping you to earn a living.

    1. Kkkkk the problem is panakumbidwa pa ground-po, yet nthawi zambiri ma team omwewo amadandauza za momwe ma ground ena alili kuti ali so bumpy chonsecho akumakumba okha matimuwo kkkkkk

  5. mmmmh! i wondered just playing a freekik mpaka kutuluka mu game osamangoti matimu akumenya bwino chonsecho akuma tchera anzawo miyendo.

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  7. vto ndchan kgwrisa juju?ngt iwe wa bullets juju samakyanja ndibwino mutisiile ife amene ziktyanjafe ….nsanje bas…munya…nde amenewotu ndmatelaz chabe..

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    1. Ndiye kuti yamafuta ankhumbayo mayi onse amagwiritsa ntchito asilikali ankakana kulowa ku dressing room pa MDC aja yesa anapeza a bullets mutatsira mafuta ankhumbaso kkk mix muli ndi a galu

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