Sports Minister offers to mediate in Mwawi, NAM standoff

Mwawi Kumwenda

Labour, Youth, Sports and Manpower Development Minister Francis Kasaila has offered to engage the Netball Association of Malawi (NAM) and star shooter Mwawi Kumwenda to resolve the current standoff.

Kasaila said this in the wake of Malawi’s dreadful showing at the just ended Fast5 World Netball Series in Melbourne Australia, which was won by England.

Francis kasaila
Kasaila: Has offered to engage NAM and Kumwenda.

The Queens’ preparations for the tournament was shrouded in controversy following Kumwenda’s expulsion from camp for reporting late.

That was followed by the stepping aside of head coach Samuel Kanyenda who didn’t agree with NAM’s decision on the matter.

Kasaila’s intervention to have the Melbourne Vixens towering shooter back in camp hit a snag as NAM stood its ground.

What followed at the tournament was an embarrassing drubbing leaving the Queens winless in 6 matches.

The team which had set out on a mission to better last year’s third place finish, agonisingly ended up bottom of the 6 nation tourney losing twice to continental rivals South Africa.

Speaking about the team’s performance, Kasaila said it was disappointing but he added that he will wait for a NAM report when the team returns.

He however refused to connect the team’s disastrous run to Kumwenda’s absence.

“It’s no secret that the performance was awful, but I cannot conclude that it was because of her expulsion. My intervention to have the player back in the squad was a way of bringing unity and harmony in the squad, nothing more,” said Kasaila.

The minister then disclosed that his office is ready to mediate between NAM and the player to settle the standoff which dates back from a few years back.

“My office has no problem to engage both parties in resolving the impasse. But that has to start from them. If they are willing to talk, we can always come in,” said Kasaila.

He added: “Netball brings joy to the nation and puts this country on the global map, so we need to stay focused as one and stop pulling in different directions.”

A similar misunderstanding some years ago needed the intervention of then Sports Minister Grace Chiumia for Kumwenda to return to the squad.

While some observers and commentators have called for the resignation of the NAM top brass, others have backed the association for its handling of the saga.



  1. How is the minister going to handle this issue coz he already showed that he is on Mwayi’s side??He clearly and openly said NAM should not ask for any assistance from the ministry as if the monies and what ever assistance NAM may ask from the ministry is personal.What the minister and Mwayi should know is that Mwayi is a member of the national netball team but NOT the netball team herself.If she says she reported late coz she wasn’t informed.Who informed her late??If it was NAM who informed her late,could it be the same NAM dropping her for reporting late??I understand the time her friends were reporting for camp she was doing her personal programs in the northern region.Sindikuonapo a minister akukathandizapo apa.But remember ndalama zomwe team yi imagwiritsa ntchito ndi timisonkho tathu timadulidwati ok.

  2. Too late where were u all this time sleeping minister, u waited and the damage is already done. U should be ashamed

  3. Koma a kasaila akanakhala gule wankulu bwenzi ali nkundaleka ovina ng’oma itasiya.Mpira watha kale ndipamene mukufuna kuchitapo kanthu. Mukusuta fodya wankulu? Kapena chimakhala chili chani?

  4. If it is an issue to do with discipline, then Hon Minister there is nothing to mediate.

  5. Awa bola koma zangovuta spa nanga team iyi yawamiyendoyi ndekuti mudangoizolowela Bwanji ika thidzimulidwa mumangoti ziiiii osawaitanitsa

    1. What sin has Mary Waya committed in this hullabaloo? Akakhale empty tin lero coz she went with the team despite NAM and Mwawi’s madness…

    2. Oh the blame should be upon them, nam and mery she went there as head coach remember a good coach is always judged by the good results aswel. I knew mery as a great player bt coaching is nt favoring her! They ought to go.

  6. NAM needs total overhaul. The guys has no crew on how to run this only sport we are proud of at international level. The team without the likes of Griffin Sayenda and Mwayi type in its content can not turn tables. The problem with NAM guys has a spirit of personalizing things. They don’t look at a problem and provide a solution instead they look at a person as a problem. I don’t see the valid reason for the whole minister to engage on this petty issue.

  7. Choyamba NAM ipepese kwa a Malawi,kenako atule pansi ma udindo awo…then the Minister can proceed with his mind with the new staff..Because even if he engage the NAM that has brought shame to us(Malawians)it will fuel more anger to the citizens.

  8. Anthu amenewa chifukwa chomwe anamusiyira mwai akuchiziwa ndipo akuyenera kufotokozera mtundu wa amalawi bwinobwino and amaziwa kut mayiko tikukakumana nawo uku si achisawawa yet akumusiya player oti amasitha zinthu nthawi zambiri amatathauza chan atiuze olo ayi achoke baxi

  9. You need to be a proactive minister not a reactive minister. If I was the one who chooseYou a minister, hmmmm I could have fired you. How can NAM go to fast5 with no mwawi???? How dare you???? If N’ golo Kante invited to play in today’s UEFA game when he still not yet recovered .

  10. The only solution is to fire NAM board they are failures, as long as this board stands Malawi will perform meserably in regional competitions , imagine even in Uganda we failed I don’t know why Griffin Zagallo was removed as a coach these NAM women have a big problem the best is to remove them full stop

  11. Devil at work. You destroyed National football team, now you are bringing the same sickness to Netball team. Stay away from the devil!

  12. Izi nde zazii! We spoke before the competition but you didn’t do anything. The team is back beaten on every side and you want to intervene? Seriously? The very moment the coach resigned because of Mwai’s suspension you should have intervened, coz that was a sign of trouble a head.

    1. its not 2 late aminister adawauza b 4 the trip and sanavere akana kare anam koma iwo adapanga mwano sadavere zomwe minister ankawaunikira

  13. NO Mediation, the best way is to dissolve NAM and I am appealing to members of NAM to voluntarily resign they have completely failed

  14. Useless! Let the minister be the coach if he is to rescind the decision. If she wasn’t cooperative ndiye mumafuna amunyengelele? This is just a game, you sometimes win and sometimes lose. Its not a one man’s show, the most important thing is teamwork for the nation.

    1. Out of line, coach did not fire the player and infact coach resigned because of the issue. Get your facts straight, we have a rotten NAM from way back

    2. In any sport, khalidwe limafunika. Mwai turned herself into a goddes in or netball team but that didn’t bar her from being reprimanded. Facts aside, this is real bra!

    3. A Victor Masanda have u interacted with her before? Olo nzokumva zomwezi. ..mmafuna aziyenda chokwawa kuti mudziti ali humble?

    4. Hahaha! Tiwo, let her concentrate on her professional assignment. Hopefully this whole saga can’t hurt her much if she gat focus on what she deserves. Politics of where we come from in everything we do also costs us alot in Malawi.

    5. Umbuludi ndi matenda sure. khalidwe la player amaliwona ndi coach osati NAM. Be wise this is 2017. Bungwe la Nam linayamba kumuda mwai kuchokera Pomwe anaulula kut Nam inkapeleka half yama allowance Kwa ma player. this isue is personal Thats why coach anangozisiya. Ku NAM kwazaza abakha osamba mu zithaphwi ndipo akuyenera kutula pansi ma udindo. ASAP!

    6. Inu inu Mwai is a star! And stars should be handled as one! That’s what she deserves. The more famous you become the more the responsibilities and thats what got her engaged and report late for training. Nde mumati atani? Nam Nam Nam my foot…… Mahule okhaokha ali kumenekowo! Mxewwwwww

    7. Ukuyankhula ngati ozindikila kuti coach ndi amene anayenera kumubweza player yo osati NAM. nanga bwanji NAM inamubweza player yo mmalo mwa coach. That decision was supposed to be taken by the Coach not NAM.

    8. Star ndi star bwana, mwawi is the Best netballer in the world infact NAM was supposed to work with her negotiate with her team to use their training facilities. Recently, during the 2018 world cup qualifier, Brazil was playing Argentina, Messi, Alvis and Neymar reported late and flew to their training base in Neymar’s jet. Another one good example is Ernest mtawali, The best was to take her on board, agree to deduct her earnings and move on. The Ronaldos of this world were given holiday by Madrid after Euro. We have a lot of examples. When a star is in a team, other players get inspiration, Didier Drogba got injured but sat on the bench just to inspire Ivory coast to win the Africa cup of Nations. Whip your kid whilst giving him sweets.

    9. aaa. . . .we can’t talk of mwayi always,lets say she had an injuries. .hw do u expect da team 2 perform?mwayi wil not be there forever. . .u mean there any other best shooterz in mw than that gal?. .lets talk something that wil help 2 improve da perfomance of our lovely team

  15. Coach have power kuchosa player based on nkhalidwe zinalizodabwisa alot kutii NAM ikukhlapatsogolo kumuchosa mwayi motii coach should be the one sinaonetseratu poyeraa kutii NAM simmamfuna mwanayu kutii atumikile dziko ndenoo NAM ayipange dissolve and kubwere anthu oziwa job to put this malawi pabwino NAM singaziwe zakhalidwe la player kuposa coach ayiii its coach and panel

  16. I support your netball team, the best in Africa, could not believe what I was seeing at the just ended competition, performance was below par!!

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