Sensational reporting on blood sucking worries Malawi doctors

Blood sucker Malawi

The Society of Medical Doctors (SMD) in Malawi has expressed worry on sensational reporting by Malawi media on the issue of blood suckers.

According to SMD, sensational reporting on the matter is fuelling fears among citizens of Malawi.

Blood suckers Malawi
Violence that resulted from the blood sucking rumours has been heavily reported by the media

In a statement signed by SMD president Amosi Salimanda Nyaka, sensational reporting has been faulted also to have contributed the spread of rumours of blood sucking.

“We are also disappointed with how some of the mainstream and social media have reported on the issue. There has been irresponsible sensationalization of rumours of blood sucking vampires.

“This has the potency of perpetuating fears and anxiety in the population,” reads part of the statement made available to Malawi24.

The statement has also faulted attacks on health workers suspected to have been blood suckers in the country.

The doctors have since urged citizens to treat blood sucking as a mere rumour saying no evidence has proved it to be real.

SMD is a professional grouping whose aim is to provide a vehicle through which medical doctors in Malawi help government and other key players in improving quality health service delivery.



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  2. Prophet shepherd Bushiri,Gift salanje and his father Pastor Hestings Salanje are buzy selling blood they are saying its blood of Jesus Christ when did JesusChrist died and how come the blood is still fresh.

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  4. Bravo the doctors! Teach the Malawians. This should extend to expelling the beliefs people have about the existence of witchcraft. Sad to note that even most graduates with diplomas, first degrees, masters and PhDs in Malawi believe in this superstition. One wonders whether they really did research projects and defended their theses. Do they know what epstimology means? For primary and secondary school guys, do they know what the topic/ subject on critical thinking entails?

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